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Balagokulam, the children's movement, was founded during the middle of 1970 in Kerala. Sri . M.A. Krishnan, the then Editor of "KESARI" weekly took the initiative to organise this movement to counter the cultural deterioration caused by the drawbacks of our education system.
Those were the days when Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh was spreading throughout the length and breadth of Kerala chanting the mantra of Hindu awakening. The workers took Balagokulam as the powerful medium for spreading the message of this awakening. The encouragement given by Sri Yadav Rao Joshi, the then Dakshin Kshetriya Pracharak (Organiser for South India) of RSS and Sri Bhaskar Rao, the then Pranth Pracharak (State Organizer, Kerala) was invaluable. Many factors came in as helping hands to Balagokulam, viz., classes run by Sri Kunjunni Master, the scholar and the "Children's poet", the prayer penned by Sri. N.N. Kakkad, the AIR …

Sewa Bharati: "Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthana" Supporting the Pardhis

Yet, the Indian tribes constitute 8% of India's population, according to 1991 census. This too is misleading, as the last listing of tribal groups was done in 1976. Anthropological Survey insisted that there are 635 tribes in India. Yet Govt. of India recognised only 426 as tribes. 209 tribes were, and still are left out. If the total population of 635 tribes was counted, the percentage would go up. PEOPLE GROUP PARDHIS: Pardhis are one of the 150 communities the British notified as criminals in 1871. Though the republic denotified them in 1952, some six crore of them continue to be social outcasts and victims at the hands of the police. Phase Pardhis form one third of the five lakh Pardhi clan. History branded Phase Pardhis (Marathi for trap hunters) criminals and hounded them like beasts of prey. The stigma is still the curse of their life. 90 percent of Pardhis had no formal education. "Pardhis do not face any trouble from Muslim and Christian communities. It is the Hindus…

Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission

Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission" To reach Narayana we must serve the Daridra Narayana, the starving millions of the land. Feel for them, pray for them. Strive for the relief and uplift of the suffering and miserable brethren."May all be healthy
MovementInspired by this rousing call of the Patron Saint of Modern India, the Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission was started in 1972. Its aim is to serve the Motherland cultivating in people the spirit and sense of responsibility, sacrifice, service and devotion to the cause of healing the sick and feeding the hungry.Hospital at MuttilThe Mission started its activities opening a free dispensary at Muttil near Kalpetta in 1972 for serving our tribal brethren. This steadily grew into a fairly well equipped hospital with three medical officers, visiting specialists and necessary staff and providing the following facilities.


Jnana Prabodhini

Jnana Prabodhini

Jnana Prabodhini Prashla The Jnana Prabodhini Prashala situated in the heart of Pune's Sadashiv peth is the dream come true for psychologist Dr. Vinayak Vishwanath Pendse who was awarded a doctorate for his thesis on leadership styles. After years of research Pendse concluded in his thesis that that the consultative style of leadership was rhe most effective one . He then decided to use this theory to develope a whole new generation of leaders who would solve the problems of society , whatever be their vocation in life.

The Prashala (high school) was set up in 1969 with a handful of students . At the heart of the system is the belief that selecting and training gifted students at an early early age is the best way to evolve leaders of society who, with intelligence and foresight, will not only participate dynamically in the requisite social change but also actively encourage positive change

Rural Development
Major initiatives in the foll…


"SWA"-ROOPWARDHINEE 22/1 Mangalwar peth, Barane road, Pune - 411011, Maharashtra, India. Phone (091-020) 26121704,26134310.
The activities of 'Swa'-Roopwardhinee commenced as a project, with carefully selected 12 students, who demonstrated a potential of development and who come from socially and economically deprived class of society. At 'Swa'-Roopwardhinee, students attending different schools are selected on the basis of I.Q tests and interviews . Selected students have to attend "Swa-Roopwardhinee" each day for three hours all year round. In all about 15 various subjects are taught here, comprising Mathematics, English, Science, Improvement of hand-writing, Basic writing skills, Faster reading etc. As the work of 'Swa"-Roopwardhinee expanded , a definite need to develop its own premises was felt necessary. The community also appreciated the value and work of 'Swa"-Roopwardhinee and extended g…

Aruna Chetana

Aruna Chetana The theme of this project is "Aruna Chetana" (The school for Spastic, mentally retarded and disabled children). This as a Sewa project in the city of Bangalore, India & is dedicated to the service of Spastic, mentally retarded & disabled children.

Special features of this project

To create a feeling in the society that they owe a duty to the disabled children.
To create the feeling that the disabled children & persons are integral part of the society & they could live with self-respect & self-confidence.
To build up a feeling of confidence in the disabled so that they could feel that in spite of their disability they can do 7 participate in the normal activities of other children / persons & live with self respect.
To train the disabled to help themselves wherever possible. The best help to anyone is to enable him to help himself.
The various ways in which these ideas are carried out practically & the results achievable are …

Leprosy Prevention and Treatment Institute

Leprosy Prevention and Treatment Institute Many years ago a railway worker (Katreji) was deserted by his family because of his illness. He decided to fight the disease and to help others similarly affected. With firm determination and with full confidence he came to Champa in 1960. The area was in the grip of poverty and many people were victims of Leprosy.

In 1962 Katreji established the Indian Leprosy Prevention and Treatment Institute (Bharatiya Kustha Nivarak Sangh), this is the first leprosy treatment organisation that was established by someone suffering from the disease.

In the beginning people viewed the Institute with suspicion and apprehension. They used to praise the organisation from afar but never came forward to help. This did not deter Katreji from his goal and he continued. He used to go around to the surrounding villages on his bicycle to allay their suspicion.

On every call he would ask people to give him a fistful of rice which he used to feed those residing…



Rashtrotthana Parishat Rashtrotthana Parishat is an NGO based in Bangalore which is mainly involved with setting up and running the school Seva Bharathi at Ullalu village. They have been involved with this village for the past several years. They initially got involved with the village by planting several trees in the village. What was once an open wasteland now has several plantations of coconut and other trees. Their goal is in overall village development with emphasis on education and health facilities and socio cultural activites.

Rashtrottana blood bank organises blood donation camps. Whenever there is a shortage of blood in the city, we plan to organize such camps.

Anoupacharika Shikshana Anoupacharika Shikshana, an activity of Rashtrottana Parishat, organizes Non Formal Education classes in about 200 places in Bangalore. Also works in distribute old clothes in various slums.



Sewa Bharati Delhi

Sewa Bharati Delhi
Sewa Bharti (REGD.)
Sewa Kunj, 10196-A, Mata Mandir Street
Jhandewalan, Delhi-55 Tel:7775014, 7534662ACHIEVIEMENTS · 2500 young girls are trained in Cutting and tailoring every year.· 300 boys are provided technical training in Electrical and Electronics every year.· 500 girls and boys are taught Shorthand and Typing every year.· 268 promising boys of different castes and creeds belonging to 17 states are being provided free boarding, lodging and education in our residential school Sewa Dham Vidya Mandir.· 130 Gold, 105 Silver and 42 Bronze medals were won by the Sewa Dham's students in different All India Sports Meets· 60-70 boys from very poor families are given free coaching, boarding and lodging in Chhatravas.· A sum of Rs. 5,000 was collected by the old students of the Chhatravas for cyclone victims in Andhra Pradesh.· 49 Students of our Coaching Centers got first, second and third position in their school…

Sevabharathi AP

Sevabharathi AP


1.Urban Health Centres:
1. Srinivasa Nagar, Khammam. (Aided by A.P. State Govt.)
2. Safai Basti, Kothagudem. (Serving since July 2000.)
3. Shekaram Banjara, Palvancha.
4. Ramavaram, Kothagudem.

2.Mobile Hospitals
Unit - I : V.R. Puram 7000 Unit - II : Chintoor 10000 = 17000

3.Child Labour Schools:
1. Medara Basti, Kothagudem. (Aided by NCLP)
2. Pragati Nagar, Kothagudem.(Since March 2000.)

4.Bharathi-Single Teacher Schools:
(Supported by ITDA and UNICEF 45 Schools in 3 tribal mandals. Since June 2000) Chintoor: 23 Schools.
V.R. Puram 16 Schools.
Kunavaram 6 Schools.
Total Number of Students 719 1069 1066 =2854 Mainstreamed Students …



The Principle need of the hour for our society is the since of social responsibility that should be motivated in every person belonging to this society the inspiration behind us is the enlightened paths of the hundreds of saints and social Reformers which are driving our society in right way from past several years.

To serve the poorest and the needy person is the real worship of God. This is our faith and we are working according to it.

Matru Chaya Balakalyana Kendra off the street...into caring hands
Mathru Chaya Bala Kalyana Kendra is situated at Akshay a Park, Hubli. This home looks after 13 children of all age groups. There are 9 girls and 4 boys

Keshava Shishu Mandira
Sanskar-heenah pashubhih samanah...... is an adage of ancient Bharat. The Maculae education has utterly failed to inculcate the sustaining moral value and good social virtues

Prasanna Yogashraya
Yoga is the precious gift given to the tensed m…

Report of TSUNAMI Relief Activities :::TN

The earth quake that hit the East Coast line on December 26, 2004 did extensive damage to many places of Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai, Pondichery, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam and Kanniyakumari. Tremors were initially felt around 6.30 in the morning. But around 8.45 a.m., the sea water raised upto 10 mtrs. With terrific speed (800 km/hour) engulfing the huts, houses and people living in the coastal areas and also people who were walking on the coastal road and the children playing near the sea. Fishing boats, fishnets and catamarans were extensively damaged.Sl. NoDescriptionNo of Villages1.Affected villages3762.Total Population affected8,86,1633.No of houses damaged1,27,5414.No of deaths10,700