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Abode for the abandoned : Abalashrama

Abode for the abandoned
Abalashrama is an institution that nurtures and rehabilitates women who have taken a beating in life.

THE HANDSOME young man, educated and doing very well in Mumbai has come to Basavanagudi to make his pilgrimage. He has a tight schedule, but there's always time for his beloved Abalashrama. He spends some time at the institution, reminiscing, looking at the prayer hall and roaming around the spacious lounge. He silently salutes what was once his home.

Such thanksgiving visits are not uncommon. His mother was young and pregnant when she lost her husband. Abandoned by relatives, the hapless girl had no one to turn to. She managed for a while, and when her baby was a year old, turned up at the Abalashrama seeking refuge. The institution took her in, something it has been doing for nearly a century now.
Abalashrama, located at one of the busiest places in Bangalore, D.V.G. Road, was started by the late Chakravarthy Venkata Varada Iyengar. Available records speak …