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Mysore, July 5 (KCU)- Meghalaya, the tiny State in the North-east is full of nature's bounty. The predominant poverty and lack of infrastructure has deprived children of good education. Having learnt that, 'Seva Bharathi', a voluntary organisation, has been picking children from that place and admitting to various institutions in Karnataka and thus enabling the kids to get proper education.

For the current academic year, about 17 girls from Meghalaya were admitted to JSS Free School in Suttur. The children have already got acclimatised to the school and learning English and Kannada. All facilities are provided free.

Similarly, hundreds of such children from Meghalaya have been admitted to schools in Dharmasthala, Adichunchanagiri, Nitte and Mangalore. 'Seva Bharathi' is striving to induce and grow national integration in the minds of children of north-east, through a relentless effort of the Association's Convenor Thukaram Shetty.

He is ably supported by Madhuri T…

Sewa Bharati hands over 248 houses for tsunami victims in Nagapattinam

By Ramesh Subramaniam
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An impressive function was held at Keechankuppam village in the outskirts of Nagapattinam town on July 6 to mark the handing over of 248 permanent houses constructed by Sewa Bharati, Tamil Nadu, for the tsunami victims. The religious ceremonies like griha pravesh, go puja, vastu shanti puja, etc., were conducted on July 5 and early morning of July 6.

Swami Goutamananda, president of Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai, first inaugurated the majestic arch erected at the entrance of Vyas Nagar, the name given to the new colony. Very appropriately, a statue of Maharishi Ved Vyas has also been installed at the entrance in a small but beautiful garden. After the inauguration, all the dignitaries proceeded to the stage. The dignitaries included Shri Mohan Bhagwat, Sarkaryavah of RSS, Shri Raman, Deputy Collector of Nagapattinam, Shri Radha, IAS, Chief Planning Officer of Nagapattinam, Shri Kothandaraman, chairman of Nagapattinam Municipality, Dr Sha…

10,000 slum dwellers made literate in three months: Seva bharathi NGO

10,000 slum dwellers made literate in three months: NGO

Sewa Bharati Makes 10,000 People Literate In Three Months

New Delhi, July 10 (PTI): Using a unique teaching technique and post-literacy contact programme, voluntary organisation Seva Bharati claims to have made 10,000 slum dwellers literate in three months, as part of its efforts to wipe out illiteracy in the National Capital.

The three-month-long literacy campaign, launched by former Punjab Police chief K P S Gill, was conducted in about 430 slums from February one to April 30 using an innovative teaching technique, Seva Bharati official Rakesh Kumar said.

"Our technique is different because...the general method is like teaching 'A for apple' or 'Ka for kabootar' in Hindi. The emphasis is on kabootar (pigeon) here and not on the letter. Our technique uses 'Na for nal' (water tap) in Hindi, 'Pa for pankha' and 'La for laddu'," he says, showing a text book used by his organisation.

Sidhu in new avatar

Sidhu in new avatarPress Trust of IndiaNew Delhi, July 6, 2006

After hitting sixers on the cricket ground, entertaining lovers of the game with commentary laced with "Sidhuism" and debating people's issues in Parliament as an MP, Navjot Singh Sidhu was in a different avatar today -- lending his hand to a literacy campaign.

Sidhu, chief guest at the closing ceremony of the first phase of the literacy campaign of Seva Bharati held at Rangpur Pahari slums in Mahipalpur in New Delhi, sought to motivate audience to become literate.
"If you give food to a hungry man, he will be hungry again. If you make one person literate, he will teach many others," he said.

"Our scriptures say that education is like the celestial cow, Kamadhenu. One who receives it is empowered for life. It makes him confident and self-dependent. This is the gift you have received here," Sidhu said.
Seva Bharati working president Brijmohan Sethi said the campaign was started on February one b…

'Elderly persons should guide society: CM

'Elderly persons should guide society: CM

The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that society must get benefit of knowledgeable and experienced senior persons. Their guidance would be taken in works of public interest. He was speaking at public dedication ceremony of Anand Dham a service centre for elder persons set up by the Madhya Bharat branch of Seva Bharti here today.

The Chief Minister announced to give a grant of Rs. 2 lakh for various activities and providing facilities at the Centre. He appreciated Seva Bharti's initiative. Exhorting NGOs and persons with experience in social service to cooperate with the State Government for making Madhya Pradesh an advance state, the chief minister said that all efforts would be made for welfare of senior citizens.

Minister for Social Justice Rampal Singh praised the activities of Seva Bharti in far off forest areas. President of Anand Dham Narendra Nath Trivedi, Chandra Mohan Johari, Som Kant also spoke on the occasion.


Inspired by Kalam, kids brighten up schools

Copy of the report from Deccan Chronicle

Inspired by Kalam, kids brighten up schools

Warangal, March 20: Inspired by the message of President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, students of six village schools of this district have contributed Re 1 each to whitewash and brighten up their school buildings. It was the students of government schools in Munagalaveedu, Tammadapally, Teegarajupally, Lohita, Anantaram, and Nallabelli villages who set an example for their urban cousins and did their parents and teachers proud. “Though they saved and contributed only small amounts, the result was big and visible,” says Mr S. Krishna Rao, parent of a student at Anantaram village in Parvatagiri mandal.

Impressed by the initiative shown by their children, the parents too contributed their mite. Some of the children persuaded their parents to contribute to the whitewashing. “This is a small but impressive initiative,” says another parent Mr V. Ramanaiah of Anantaram village. “This will go a long way to help maintain…


(A Unit of Seva Bharathi)

Vandemataram Foundation (A Unit of Seva Bharathi) based in Warangal District and working for the All round improvement of the village through the improvement in the School (both Primary & Upper Primary as well as High schools) has been able to make a considerable impact on the district administration as well as the villagers.

The Foundation working with the inspiration and ideals of the Hon. President H. E. Abdul kalam has in the first phase selected 100 schools of the district for their programme.

The schools in the division of Varadannapet are the only source of education for the children who are from a very poor background. The effect of the foundation has been found to be a positive impact. The teacher attendance as well as the student drop out coupled with lack of infrastructure added to the under performance of the schools for the past several years. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers of Vandemataram Foundation (a minor but …

Sangh service activities win union ministry’s approval

Howsoever the UPA government and its coalition partners especially the leftists oppose the RSS, the government had to laud the service activities being rendered by various RSS associated organisations in different parts of the country.

About one third of the 14 voluntary organisations whom the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs has identified in its annual report for their outstanding services, are the RSS associated organisations. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs implements its welfare schemes for all-round development of Vanvasis with the help of voluntary organisations. The Ministry has identified 14 organisations, which produced remarkable results through the better implementation of its various schemes. The Ministry has kept them in special category to grant relaxations while providing grant for next year.

The list of 14 organisations includes Vidya Bharati, Sewa Bharati, Deendayal Research Institute, New Delhi, Akhil Bharatiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Bharat Sewashram Sangh, Rashtriya S…

SAHYOG BHARATHI: Right Intervention, Right Information at Right time

The Telephone at Sevabharathi office has been ringing continuously, a caller calls up desperately for assistance. The caller from a small village in Kurnool district is desperate for 3 units of AB –ive group blood. This is a regular affair here at Sevabharathi wherein on an average 3-5 calls are received from desperate parents or guardians of the patients. But how to assist them the blood supply in the city is very very limited, despite the fact that there are roughly about 70 blood banks and an equal number of voluntary agencies working to connect the supply and demand. Taking advantage of the situation the blood banks charge anywhere between Rs.300 – Rs.900 or even Rs.1000 (per unit) for rare blood groups.

A person from villages when he steps into a big city like Hyderabad is totally confused and is looking desperately for simple assistance. Assistance like where to go, whom to approach and how to approach. This is where we have to work, work to connect the people. People with rural …

An orphanage inaugurated

Sri Jagannath Niketan, an orphanage, was recently inaugurated at Pardhia Palli village of Sambalpur district in Orissa with an aim to nourish the helpless orphans and to make them self-reliant. The orphanage is managed by Vikash Vidyalaya Foundation under the auspices of Sewa Bharati. Shri Premchand Goel, Akhil Bharatiya Sewa Pramukh of RSS, inaugurated the orphanage. This project will focus on education, health and self-dependence of rural inhabitants. The inaugural ceremony of the orphanage, which had started functioning only with four children, was presided over by Shri Narasimha Mishra, a retired engineer. Ajit Prasad Mohapatra, RSS Prant Pracharak, and Shri Ashok Kumar Padhi, Prant Sewa Pramukh, also addressed the gathering. Utkal Sambad

Sewa Bharati launches literacy campaign in Delhi

Thursday, January 26, 2006 11:40:40 pmPTI

NEW DELHI: In a bid to make the national capital fully literate, voluntary organisation Sewa Bharati inaugurated its literacy campaign on Thursday. The campaign was inaugurated by RSS's Akhil Bharatiya Sewa Chief Prem Chand Goyal in New Delhi, and will come into operation from February 1, 2006, the NGO said in a statement.

With about 1,200 volunteers working for one hour every day, the first phase of the campaign, covering all the slum clusters and JJ colonies across Delhi, proposes to make fully literate nearly 50,000 people. The projected cost of the initial phase is Rs 23 lakh, which will be generated through donations to the society, and it is estimated that the cost of making one person fully literate will be only Rs 42.

Releasing the "Saksharta Abhiyan", Goyal listed details of the objectives of the project, besides the planning that would go into its implementation. Sewa Bharati has also drawn up 'post-literacy' objec…

Rural thrust of Rashtriya Sevabharathi


Love is the perfect antedote that floods the mind to washaway hatred, jealousy, resentment, anxiety and fear.- Sri Guruji Golwalkar.The nation is celebrating the centenary year of Sri GurujiGolwalkar who was a man of clairvoyant national vision andindomitable courage. When India got its independence on 15 August,1947, Sri Guruji Golwalkar understood clearly that while the nationhad obtained its political freedom with the end of British Rule, yetit had a long way to go in all other fields of national endeavour-economic, social, educational & cultural, spiritual and otherspheres.

Keeping this larger objective in view, he took theinitiative of starting several nationwide organisations like theVishwa Hindu Parishad, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Akhila BharitiyaVidyarti Parishad, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Vanavani Kalyana Ashramand the Sishu Mandir Educational Institutions. Achievement ofnational rejuvenation through organised programmes of integralhumanism became his foremost ob…

First Phase Of Total Literacy Campaign

First Phase Of Total Literacy CampaignSewa Bharati’s Drive In Delhi(FOC)

The first phase of total literacy campaign launched by Sewa Bharati in Delhi to make Delhiites totally literate completed on April 30. This phase had begun on February 1. Under the phase, a total of 10,000 people have been made fully literate. People from all walks of life including scientists, doctors, advocates, etc. joined the campaign and voluntarily taught people in various classes organised mostly in slum areas.

A total of 576 literacy centres were set up during the first phase.Under the second phase, which is scheduled to begin soon, these 10,000 neo-literates will further make at least 10,000 people literate. The cycle will continue until the target of total literacy is not achieved.

The Sewa Bharati is also preparing a post-literacy syllabus for the neo-literates so that they do not forget what they have learnt during the campaign.According to 2001 census, about 20 lakh people are still illiterate in Delhi.…

Tribal girls toast in `knowing'

April 11 2006 13:53 ISTBURGAMPAHAD:

This season, Krishna Kumari, an intermediate studentfrom Molakapalli village in Khammam district's tribal hinterland,missed tendu leaf collection for a week.Tendu leaf collection during vacations helps this Kondareddy tribalgirl support her education and missing it for a week would mean ayawning gap in her educational budget.But she is happy that she did the right thing by giving tendu leafcollection a miss, temporarily though. She had put the week to a muchmuch better use.She attended a personality development camp for tribal girls, thefirst-ever in Khammam, at Burgampahad. She lost monetarily, butgained immensely in confidence.Chilakamma and Santha of Arkur, Swati and Savitri of Jeedikuppa and45 others from the tribal-dominated mandals of Chintur, Kunavaram andVararamachandrapuram, who attended the Seva Bharati's personalitydevelopment camp from April 2 to April 6, too feel lucky.

More than the training in pickle-making, Origami, the Japanes…

Sandipani Awasam Delivers the results thanks to the Palamoor NRI Forum

Since inauguration on, 13 feb 2006 in Mahaboobnagar (Palamoor) a result of theperpetual efforts by sevabharathi for the past 4 years in the campaign against Child labour the Sandipani Awasam has been delivering results that are worth a praise.

A total of 25 children all selected from the Child labour rehabilitation centers from around the Mahaboobnagar district have been the genuinely poor and needy as also deserving. The Children now studying in Saraswathy Sishu mandir Mahaboobnagar (Palamoor) have been performing on par with the other children.

The Children were selected after a talent hunt in the Child labour rehabilitation centers from around the district. Now after one years training in their rehabilitation homes sevabharathi has picked them up on their merit and for the past one year teh are pursuing their studies, and will do so until they are capable of settling down in the society. And luckily its a group of good natured, patriotic NRI's (

Manonethra's awareness campaigns

Manonetra (A unit of seva bharathi) in association with ICARE-LVPEI and NSS unit of St.FrancisCollege for Women, Begumpet organised a Student Awareness Program onEye Screening for Blindness Prevention for 50 Degree student NSSvolunteers of the college. Students felt the program is very useful totheir life as well as their voluntary activity. These students willtake up School Eye Screening programs in their neighbourhoods. Theprogram was co-ordinated by SmtL.Vijayagowri, of St.Francis College,Sri Jachin, of ICARE-LVPEI and Kasinadh Lakkaraju of Manonetra.

Sewa Bharati office inaugurated in Guwahati

MADHAV Smriti, the newly constructed office of Poorvanchal Sewa Bharati, was inaugurated at Lachit Nagar in Guwahati on May 26 by Akhil Bharatiya Sewa Pramukh of RSS Shri Prem Chand Goel.

Sewa Bharati, which has been active in the north-eastern states since 1998, had no office of its own so far. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Goel appealed to the well-to-do people of the country to think of the economically deprived people of their society. He said now Lord Krishna (rich people) need to find out their Sudama (economically deprived people) and extend a helping hand.

Founded in 1978 in Delhi, Sewa Bharati runs more than 70,000 service projects across the country. It runs more than 4000 projects in the north-eastern states. The newly constructed office of Sewa Bharati in Guwahati will help in the expansion of the service activities by the Sangh swayamsevaks in the region. Shri Sanchiram Payang, the chief guest at the function, said he is impressed with the service activities of Sewa Bharat…

Dhanvantri Seva Yatra in north-east by NMO, Sewa Bharati and Sewa International The health mission

NATIONAL Medicos Organisation (NMO), Sewa Bharati, Purbanchal, and Sewa International have jointly started a unique project—The Dhanvantari Sewa Yatra—to cater to the medical needs of the people living in the north-east region. Under the project, free health care camps are organised in the remotest Vanvasi villages by the doctors and paramedical voluntary workers belonging to reputed medical colleges of the country.

This year two Yatras were undertaken in the first week of May. The first Yatra that began from Guwahati on May 3 had five teams of 10 doctors belonging to Benaras Hindu University. The team of Dr Vijay Upadhyaya and Dr Girish Mishra left for Halflong (NC Hills). The second team of Dr Ankur Singh and Dr Naba Gopal left for Nagaland. The third team of Dr Sarveshwar Yadav and Dr Prashant left for Garo Hills (Meghalaya). The fourth team of Dr Ram Kumar Aggrawal and Dr Gopal Das Gupta left for Khasi Hills (Meghalaya) and the fifth team of Dr Rajesh Chaturvedi and Dr Anil Tri…

Rotary club to build a school for Seva Bharathi Bangalore

The Rotary Club of Bangalore will soon take up the construction of the high school block of the Seva Bharati wing of Rashttrothana Parishat. The school will also have fully-equipped laboratories, computer room and a well stacked library. All this is being done as part of the Rotary Centenary Year Project.

They also felt that adding a Vocational Training Centre with computer studies and TV/Computer repair section would benefit the students, who could obtain a professional skill after completion of high school. Various voluntary organisations have come forward to support the Rotary Club of Bangalore in its school project. These organisations have helped provide trained staff, text and note books, uniforms and free mid-day meals.

All the facilities available at the school are offered free of cost to the students. For more on the Club’s projects contact, 22277587 / 22277588. The Lions Club of Bangalore West will organise a free diabetic check up camp on May 23 at 9 am at A V Nursing Home,…

Adoption of Child labourers by Seva bharathi AP

Adoption of Child labourers
Child Labour rehabilitation programme Sandipani Awasam

“It’s a wonderful effort and is worth emulating” said Justice J Chalameshwar of the AP High court. He was speaking at the Adoption Ceremony a concept introduced by Seva Bharathi for promoting and encouraging Child rights in the district. Justice Chalameshwar is of the view that Individuals as organizations should come forward to take up the cause of the children destituited and in struck in child labour. The programme was conducted at mahaboobnagar on June 23rd

Seva Bharathi is working in the field for over 5 years as part of its efforts to enhance child rights and eradicate child labour. Seva Bharathi has conducted a Screening test for the genuinely poor and intelligent students participated by 700 children from RBCs all over the district. These children who are child labourers turned Students for the past one year are enjoying the flavour of alphabets in Residential bridge course centers around the distr…

Sewa Bharati adopts 57 children orphaned by terror

By Pramod Kumar

Under the “Operation Sadbhavana”, the Army has taken up the task of rehabilitating terrorism-affected children of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from starting its own residential schools, the Army has sought the help of social organisations for this cause. Under the project, 57 such children were handed over to Sewa Bharati, Delhi, on June 25 for their education and proper bringing up. Some more children are expected to be handed over to Sewa Bharati next month.

When these children belonging to Riyasi, Buddhan, Mool, Mohar and some other adjoining areas of Udhampur (J&K) reached Delhi, they were accorded a warm welcome. Having bright dreams in their eyes for future, these children, before being affected by terrorism, were studying at various Urdu and English-medium schools in Udhampur.

There are nine girls and more than two dozen Muslim children also in this group. Most of the c…

Path to a secure future ::: Rashtrottan Parishad

Sapna S Hiremath

The Rotary Club of Bangalore has dedicated its school near Kengeri Town to educating and building the careers of poor children living in and around the vicinity.

The Government of India aims to achieve universalisation of elementary education by 2010, and NGOs like Child Relief and You (CRY) have pitched in to help the government realise this dream by educating the underprivileged under the ‘Shiksha’ programme.

But, educating the children belonging to the poor was a thought that took shape among Rotarians way back in 1961. It was a day out for some Rotarians who had gone to a place near Nagadevanahalli many years ago where they met a few villagers. The rotarians saw that these villagers were poor and could not afford even basic necessities for their children. In order to give back to the society and share the villager’s responsibilities, Rotary Club of Bangalore (RCB), on the site owned by Rotary Club of Bangalore Charitable Trust, constructed the Rotary Seva Bharathi V…