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Seva Bharathiin AP brief Figures

Seva Bharathi
Kindling Hope and Happiness around

Galvanizing the people for the cause of the unfortunate and channelising their efforts into an organized crusade to combat pain, proverty, inequality and illiteracy is Seva Bharathi.
Seva Bharathi came into being in 1984. Over the years, Seva Bharathi has come a long way in servicing its avowed objective. The modest move has culminated into a massive movement. The humble foundation has flowered into a mammoth institution. Today, Seva Bharathi has its presence spread across the entire country with an extensive range of charitable and community development activities. Set up in 1989 with moderate means and a canvas of activities, it has grown into an expansive network across. Telangana and Ryalaseema regions. There are more than 75,386 activities in all the 602 districts of the country.

One striking feature of the organisation is its commitment for human values and indigenous efforts. The community development model of the organisation has b…



Located in the midst of Lust green farms 35 Kms from Hyderabad the state capital is Madhava Awasam in Gollur, a small hamlet, it is here that Seva Bharathi has set up an exclusive Home for the Children who are deprived of Childhood. For whatever reasons they may have been that led them into child labour Seva Bharathi decided to give them a chance.

The failure of monsoons resulting in low yield unreliable agriculture is one reason for the unemployed poverty in villages. The first victims obviously are the little hands who have to forego their schools and join their parents in feeding themselves and lending a hand to their family. Seva Bharathi has taken upon itself to at least make role models out of these children for others to follow.

The Organisation set out after a thorough talent search exam with the help of not just the usual mathematics, general aptitude and other routine things, but also with a heart to select the talented children suffering …

Sandipani Awasam

(Child Labour Rehabilitation Project)

For the thousands of little hands that work and thousands more rescued by volunteers there is no gaurantee that they would be safe and away from child labour. It is our resolve to ensure their safety. The cause “Child labour eradication” and the place Mahaboobnagar (Palamoor) district the beneficiaries 80 genuinely poor, deserving children in the clutches of child labour. An effort to bringout inherent talents from the genuinely poor & tanlented.

Seva Bharathi, Palamoor

Sandipani Awasam a result of the perpetual efforts by Seva Bharathi since 2002 in the campaign against Child labour. The effort involved building a network across 60 NGOs that organised bridge course centers for child labourers. The little hands that have toiled have now been performing on par in education and sports with other children. Thanks to APUS a teachers association & Seva Bharathi volunteers today there is a mechanism to pick the talented needy.

Its a known fact and …

Swami Vivekananda Awasam,

Inspired by the smiles of Childhood

Working with Child rights since 1989 one lesson that we have learnt has been that on an average 50% of children dropout of schools even before the reach their 5th standard. Swamy vivekananda awasam is an initiative to encourage child education and not just child literacy. Providing children a congenial atmosphere, for atleast those who perform well in a screening test and also qualify as needy. These children all selected from the govt primary schools shall be trained in respective areas including sports and games as well as academics. In the first stage of selection a total of 26 childrn have been selected, and a total of around 100 children will be accomodated in the 5 acre well built home. The Awasam shall also act as a hub of various community development initiatives including training programmes to the volunteers at various levels.
With initiative from the local community volunteers of Seva Bharathi approached all the primary schools and selected…

Vandemataram Foundation:

A better School a beeter Society

New Freedom struggle against illiteracy

India Vision 2020! With literacy rate of 61% national average and ranked at the bottom of Human Development Index, does it sound possible atleast near to possibility?
“ A developed India by 2020 is possible only through people’s participation and children are the nucleus of this transformation“ - H.E. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, doesnt it seem hopefully better. This is what has motivated the Foundation a unit of Seva Bharathi to fight for the child rights and contribute its mite in the India 2020 vision of the President Kalam.

“What we do is just visit the school, post office, anganwadi center in the village once in a while without actually intruding” says a volunteer of the Vandemataram Foundation. Nobody knows better than the villagers themselves who today not only look up to the volunteers but act as a volunteer themselves.

Thats a simple story of simple success by a few young volunteers all in their 20s. The visits ha…

Latest Report of Activities of Seva Bharati Meghalaya

A monthly meeting of Mobile Dispensary units of Seva Bharati Meghalaya was held on 1st Dec. 2006 at Shillong Karyalaya from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm to discuss & plan the working of Mohile Dispensary.

Report for the Nov. 2006 from Jaintia Hills was presented by Shri Salan Pasi
Total Medical Camps– 8 camps
No. of Patients – 179
Attendance in the meeting of Health Worker– from 22 village 28 Health Workers
Total Patients attended by Health Workers - 444
Patients at our Shangpung Centre – 123
Donations in kinds – Diesel – 55 liters

Report for Nov. 2006 form Khasi Hills by Shri Bahdeng Warjri.
Total Medical Camps– 10
No. of Patients – 370
Attendance in the meeting of Health Worker – from 21 village 21 Health Workers
Total Patients attended by Health Workers - 378
Patients at our Nangdom Centre – 25

Experiences from our devoted workers

· KSU lPresident has enquired about Medical Camp held at Ri Bhoi Where we are started our work recently (80% converted Area)
· One family has offered one of t…