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10,000 slum dwellers made literate in three months: Seva bharathi NGO

10,000 slum dwellers made literate in three months: NGO

Sewa Bharati Makes 10,000 People Literate In Three Months

New Delhi, July 10 (PTI): Using a unique teaching technique and post-literacy contact programme, voluntary organisation Seva Bharati claims to have made 10,000 slum dwellers literate in three months, as part of its efforts to wipe out illiteracy in the National Capital.

The three-month-long literacy campaign, launched by former Punjab Police chief K P S Gill, was conducted in about 430 slums from February one to April 30 using an innovative teaching technique, Seva Bharati official Rakesh Kumar said.

"Our technique is different because...the general method is like teaching 'A for apple' or 'Ka for kabootar' in Hindi. The emphasis is on kabootar (pigeon) here and not on the letter. Our technique uses 'Na for nal' (water tap) in Hindi, 'Pa for pankha' and 'La for laddu'," he says, showing a text book used by his organisation.

Sidhu in new avatar

Sidhu in new avatarPress Trust of IndiaNew Delhi, July 6, 2006

After hitting sixers on the cricket ground, entertaining lovers of the game with commentary laced with "Sidhuism" and debating people's issues in Parliament as an MP, Navjot Singh Sidhu was in a different avatar today -- lending his hand to a literacy campaign.

Sidhu, chief guest at the closing ceremony of the first phase of the literacy campaign of Seva Bharati held at Rangpur Pahari slums in Mahipalpur in New Delhi, sought to motivate audience to become literate.
"If you give food to a hungry man, he will be hungry again. If you make one person literate, he will teach many others," he said.

"Our scriptures say that education is like the celestial cow, Kamadhenu. One who receives it is empowered for life. It makes him confident and self-dependent. This is the gift you have received here," Sidhu said.
Seva Bharati working president Brijmohan Sethi said the campaign was started on February one b…