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Mysore, July 5 (KCU)- Meghalaya, the tiny State in the North-east is full of nature's bounty. The predominant poverty and lack of infrastructure has deprived children of good education. Having learnt that, 'Seva Bharathi', a voluntary organisation, has been picking children from that place and admitting to various institutions in Karnataka and thus enabling the kids to get proper education.

For the current academic year, about 17 girls from Meghalaya were admitted to JSS Free School in Suttur. The children have already got acclimatised to the school and learning English and Kannada. All facilities are provided free.

Similarly, hundreds of such children from Meghalaya have been admitted to schools in Dharmasthala, Adichunchanagiri, Nitte and Mangalore. 'Seva Bharathi' is striving to induce and grow national integration in the minds of children of north-east, through a relentless effort of the Association's Convenor Thukaram Shetty.

He is ably supported by Madhuri T…