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Tsunami Rehabilitation Project: Construction of Girls Hostel in Andaman

BAKULTALA , ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDSThe project has been totally sponsored by IDRF - USA & was taken up as a rehabilitation project after the tsunami incident. Akhil Bharatiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, a highly reputed NGO in India shouldered the responsibility to complete this project , to promote & empower young girls & women of the tribal community of Andaman & Nicobar Islands & help rehabilitate the tsunami victims.

95% of the construction work is complete & the finishing & furnishing work is now in progress. Presently, there are 32 girls as inmates in the hostel & have plans to have total of 40 inmates on completion of the project. Its a hostel for the girls of Class 6th to class 12th , aged between 11years - 18years.

Details of the constructed building: 1. Rani Durgawati Kanya Chhatrawas:
A) Ground Floor
Room No. 1 --- Kitchen
Room No. 2 --- Dining Room
Room No. 3 --- Prayer Hall
Room No. 4 --- Hoste…

Some News from Meghalaya

Tip Briew || OM || Tip Blei

Some News from Meghalaya : -

1) It was a great day, a get-together organized at state central library (Cultural Hall, Shillong) at 4.00 PM on Sunday 13th Aug. 2006 to reaffirm the mutual friendship and brotherhood on the occasion of Rakshabandhan Utsav i.e. an occasion to vow the bond of solidarity and to stand by each other in all times of pleaser and pain it is the festival celebrated over the entire country and reminds that we are one.
Shri Samudragupta Kashyap (Senior correspondent for Daily Indian Express Guwahati) has delivered a keynote address on "Infiltration a Threat to Existence of India"
Shri D. Suiam has presented his views on this pertinent issue affecting the Northeast.

2) In Jaintia Hills the same function is celebrated under the banner of Sein Raij Jowai, Shri Somen Chakraborty, City secretary of RSS has delivered a speech. Shri Shibun Lyngdoh President Seva Bharati has given information about RSS & activities of S…

Flood in Barmer and Jaisalmer Seva Bharathi stand up to serve

West Rajasthan is the most drought-affected desert area of the country. People of this region have to work hard for arranging drinking water everyday. But today this region is under flood due to heavy rains. The Rohali river, which originates from Jaisalmer, along with the Nimbala river caused havoc in the region. The flood adversely affected about 40 villages in the 100 km belt. The flood started destruction in the night of August 21. Seeing the situation going out of control, a team of Seva Bharathi Volunteers (swayamsevaks) under the leadership of Shri Gopal Chaudhari, Karyavah of Bayatu tehsil, started relief activities immediately. This team provided food packets to 1500 people who had taken shelter at islands of sand. Seeing the alertness of the swayamsevaks, the local administration also swung into action and started relief operation. The district collector sought the help of army, air force and navy to rescue the people trapped in the flood. Shri Nimbaram, Vibhag Pracharak of…