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Seva Bharathi Child Labour Rehabilitation Program

Seva Bharathi Child Labour Rehabilitation Program Children Win Bravery Awards

Climbing a new high in the Child labour rehabilitation programme, Seva Bharathi run Homes Sandipani Awasam, Mahaboobnagar and Madhava Awasam, Gollur have been proud of their children. The two homes from which 4 children have been selected for the bravery awards by the District administration headed by the District Collector. The children have performed extraordinary tasks of bravery. This year the Govt has been considerate with the cause of Child labour highlighting the cause and highlighting the children who have taken a turningpoint in their life after being rehabilitated.

Chennakeshawulu :
S/O Ramulu
Age: 14 years
Class: 5th
Village: Makhtal
used to work: Theft in rail, jeep, bus Has a knack in theft and was considered notorious for his small thefts. His parrents had to move away to Gujarat and even there he was the same and they have to come back home to Makhtal, where his life took a turn after his interaction…