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A march towards building a strong society

Arun Kumar

Hindu Sewa Pratishthan, Bangalore, opened the third branch of ‘Nele’, a unique shelter house for rag-picking children of Bangalore. The project was inaugurated by Pejawar Swami Vishveshteertha at the outskirts of Bangalore city on December 1.

There are about 80,000 estimated rag-picking children in Bangalore city alone. In this city, crores of rupees get transacted at some places and at another end there are children for whom the next meals is at the waste bin. This city has made a big name in the field of IT (Information Technology), BT (Bio-Technology), IP (Intellectual Property), etc. But there are some generous people, who can understand this glaring difference of wealth and facilities and are coming forward to lessen the gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

For them the concept of ‘Nele’ enters direct to their heart. Thus, within a short span, ‘Nele’ got tremendous response. Most of the rag-pickers are orphanage children and few of them are slum boys with no parental atte…

A mission that enriches the soul of the needy

S Gurumurthy

Manikanta, abandoned on the streets, was begging from morning to night in Lalbaugh. Later, he was taken to Chennai to work in a country liquor shop. The shopkeeper read a newspaper article about `Nele' and brought the child to its doors. Today, Nele is Manikanta's home. He is in school, in 4th standard.Nele is the home for children abandoned to the care of streets to beg, pick rags and do other menial work. It takes them into its bosom, nurses them to good health and mind and initiates them into man-making education. Many such street children picked up by Nele are today role models.

They bag prizes in competitions. Saraswati, just eight, had acute hearing impairment. Her ability to learn was so low that even special schools would not admit her. She joined Aruna Chetna. Today she has blossomed into a creative girl, excelling in dance and art. Groomed as a teaching assistant, she is now in vocational training division in Aruna Chetna itself.

Started in the year 1987, A…

Sewa news in brief Courtesy PANCHAMRITAM

SAARANG was the name of a 5 day social festival at the sprawling IIT Chennai campus recently. The canteen at the venue was run by a group of ladies from Natham, a hamlet flanking the Chennai-Kolkata national highway falling in the Cholavaram block of Thiruvallur district, Tamilnadu, Bharat. How did this IIT – village ladies tie up materialize? "This is part of our project to develop the village we chose economically and scientifically. We found 15 Women Self Help Groups active in Natham and selected the Kanniamman and Ellaiamman groups. We try to help these", says Natanasabapathy, an IITian. Yes, six ladies of Natham got employment on those 5 days. They could earn a profit of Rs. 4,500 as well. At present, the IITians are involved in training village ladies of the two SHGs in earthworm culturing, a profitable as well as eco friendly vocation. Of the over 6 lakh SHGs in Bharat, the groups affiliated to Seva Bharati are successful in inculcating patriotism and concern for soci…

Countrywide literacy campaign by Sewa Bharati —Premchand Goel

Buoyed with the success of literacy campaign conducted in Delhi during the birth centenary of Shri Guruji, the Sewa Bharati has decided to extend the campaign across the country. According to Shri Prem Chand Goel, Akhil Bharatiya Sewa Pramukh of RSS, preparations for the campaign are in full swing and after February 18, the campaign will be launched across the country.

The campaign has also produced good results in Chandigarh. A special book has been published for helping people to learn three Rs.—reading, writing and arithmetic.

Talking to Organiser in New Delhi, Shri Goel said the prime objective of the birth centenary year celebration was to reach all sections of the society. For this objective the Sewa Bharati had planned five types of programmes. The first programme was for ‘literacy’. It began in Delhi and later implemented in Chandigarh. In Delhi alone the Sewa Bharati made more than 10,000 people literate under the first phase. These neo-literates can now not only read the newsp…

Mobile Dispensary Unit Khasi & Jaintia Hills

Mobile Dispensary Unit Khasi & Jaintia Hills

Seva Bharati Mobile Medical Unit –Achievements

· Aim : promotion of health care and health awareness to various rural places / and remote areas where medical facilities are not easily available/ accessible

· Objectives : To provide primary health care facility.
Create health awareness through health education.

· Project layout and management :

One doctor and one assistant from local area to conduct the camp.
One vehicle ( 4 wheeler) with local driver
Conduction of medical camps with prior intimation at various villages and remote areas where medical facilities are not easily available/ accessible
Free medical check up and dispensing medicines
Referral / mobilization of complicated and serious cases to the nearest rural hospital / civil hospital

· Project Execution :

§ Project is running in 2 districts of Meghalaya.
§ Minimum 10 medical camps in every month.
§ Medical camp in remote villages from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
§ Monthly meeting for smooth executi…

News to Create Views: Seva Bharathi Meghalaya

News to Create Views The villagers of the Village Thepskai & Mawsynei has got an inspiration from the work of Seva Bharati & they organized their people in the name of Seng Khasi. It is to be noted that there are several villages in Meghalaya which are not yet organized in any form. Due to continuous efforts of dedicated workers of Seva Bharati, awareness among the indigenous people is increasing dayby day. Gharvapsi : Two families from Mootyrchiah village of Jaintia Hills Meghalaya has returned to their ancestral faith in grand welcome function on 14 Jan 2007. “Lympung ki Seng Khynnah” The gathering of Children was organized by the local organizations Seng Khasi Sein Raij on 19 & 20th Jan 2007 at Jowai. More than 2000 children participated from all the corners of Khasi & Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. “Lympung Sein Kyntu Niamtre 12 Daloi”A District level huge gathering of indigenous people will be held on 26th, 27th& 28thJan 2007 at Sabahmuswang villag…