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Floods in Andhra
Sewa Bharathi volunteers are the first to reach villages and towns in Andhra, Sangh swayamsevaks knickerclad and marching to their duties were the first to take on the floods and natures fury. !0,000 food packets distributed on June 26th and continuous medical camps being set up across the state. Statistics are flowing in, but whats important is te moral support and the courage and counseling given by the volunteers to the victims. This time around atleast in Nandyal the Govt and political parties are competing to support the victims.
In Kurnool 3 slums have been supplied with drinking water and food packets by sewa bharathi volunteers, Elsewher the situation is grim and volunteers are fighting to bring situartion in control.

The Monsoon as they say in india brings several feelings a rainbow of them, some good, some bad. After all there are so many people so many feelings, some celebrate, some nostalgic, some depressed and some others are deprived. The Lovers, the poor, …

home for the poor children & Medical aid center inauguration

On 24th of June 2007 there will be another home for the poor children inaugurated in the Kurnool district in association with Hanumanthareddy & Lakshmamma Trust. Attached to the home would also be a free clinic Medical aid center. The medical aid center cum hospital would be attending to the poorest of the poor and also training Community health volunteers for Health awareness. The facility will be located at Deebaguntla in Kurnool District very near to Nandyal.
Seva Bharathi already has a home at Nandyal (Sanghamithra ) and another at Kurnool town (Annapoornamma) ofcourse the third one is at Gokavaram an exclusive Chenchu Boys hostel (Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam). With the inauguration of the home Seva Bharathi's Affection homes would go up to 13 and the children in the homes that benefit directly would go up to 655 and indirectly the children that get influenced would be hard to count.

President of the Function would be Sri N H Prasad Reddy

The Program shall be graced by Sri PP N…
Seva Bharathi Adopts 93 children from the lowest strata of the society on a poverty, talent and deprivation basis.

After a thorough talent hunt among the 2000 and odd children of mahaboobnagar the Volunteers of Seva Bharathi Western Andhra Pradesh have shortlisted and selected 93 children all childlabourers or if not given a chance to childhood would end up in Childlabour. The organisation till date has adopted 259 Children from Mahaboobnagar District alone. A district that has a million poverty victims turned into migrants. They migrate as far as Gujarat and Assam not only in the country but to Dubai and saudi Arabia in search of meagre earnings. The first victims would always be the Children the future of the country. So here we are trying to give childhood a chance.
This initiative now is picking up and more such talent hunt exams are driving children and their parrents to schools and towards seva Bharathi. The parrents have been thoughtful and looking back at their children, now the…

Girls craft their destinies

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A handicraft exhibition organised by the Dhubri unit of Seva Bharati Purbanchal at Dhubri Lions Club.
Picture by Eastern Projections

June 7: Decorative items crafted in Dhubri district are not only making their way into homes across the country, but also giving the women behind these exquisite pieces of art a chance to escape poverty.Nearly 500 girls trained by Seva Bharati Purbanchal, an NGO, over the past four years are transforming handicrafts into a successful cottage industry in these parts. Another 108 girls were trained to make 10 kinds of items during a 10-day camp organised by the NGO at Dhubri Lions Club.Seva Bharati Purbanchal also organises exhibitions of handicrafts churned out at such camps and works as a catalyst in marketing these items.Mahua Mondal, who was in the first batch of trainees, is now an assistant instructor in the Dhubri unit of Seva Bharati Purbanchal and earns enough to help her…