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हैप्पी सेलेब्रतिओंस फ्रॉम सेवा Bharathi

Dear Friends
Its that point of time when the Indian New Year marking a new cycle of Seasons begins. Iam late I know but I would like to wish you for the upcomming Sri Ram navami / Ram Navmi too.

So Wishing you a Happy New Year. UGADI SUBHAKANKSHALU, Gudi Padwa / Navi Varsh and so on.

YUGA AADI, the start of new life. Yes, new life as we usher in VASANT RUTHU, Spring season with the advent of new year, unlike the English calender which doesnt sync with the natures new year. The Ugaadi pachadi we make symbolises the life. Its a blend of Shad Ruchulu (6 flavours) which represent the happiness and the sorrow, pleasure and pain and hence the Ups and downs of life.

On the Eve of Ugaadi we recognise that we are fortunate enough to have experienced life as a smooth blend of the six flavours, unlike many of our berthern, that are underpriviliged, downtrodden and struggling to make two ends meet. They have just more of one single taste the Bitter harshness of life day in and day out. Seva Bharathi …

सेवा भारती पश्चिम बंगाल

सेवा भारती पश्चिम बंगाल

Let’s smile and make others smile!!!!!

After visiting the Baguhati Seva Basti , and a wonderful Purliya van yatra, we are again on the path to serve the unprivileged section of the society।

In this regard, we are going to open a coaching centre at kadrapara area. The coaching centre will serve the education to children and help them to build them mentally and physically strong.
The time and venue of inauguration is given below:

Date: 14th march 07
Time: 7:30 am मोर्निंग

Venue: Shayama Prashad Mukherji Jatiya भवन

Near 89 cinema,

To discuss the things of this happening, a meeting is scheduled at Venkatji’s house today, 13th march. I request you all to present at 8:00 pm evening at VenkatJi’ house (EE-163/1, sector 2) today evening.

1। The group -Consisted of youngsters from IT industry who chose a different destination to move out – Rural India.

2 . Aim was to know more about the rural population of India so that our technological knowledge can be used for a काउसे