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सेवा भारती वोलुन्तीर्स सर्वे Thousands of devotees

KOLLAM: Thousands of devotees Saturday March 10 2007 11:48 IST
KOLLAM: Thousands of devotees offered pongala at Sree Puthiyakavu Bhagavathy temple on Friday. Women from all over the district occupied the roads leading to the temple. With the lighting of the temple hearth at 10 am by Thantri Balamurali, all the hearths were lit up. The pongala hearths occupied most areas of the city including SMP Palace Road, Benziagar Hospital, Karbala, Chemmammukku Overbridge, Manichilthodu, Chinnakkada, Kadappakkada, Asramam, Nair’s Hospital, Mundakkal and Thumbara.By 12 noon, around 100 temple priests started sprinkling holy water on the pongala nivedyams. The Kerala Water Authority provided water to the devotees. Besides the Police and the Fire Force personnel, hundreds of Sevabharathi volunteers also came to the service of the devotees.