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News to Create विएव्स फ्रॉम Meghalaya

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The Seva Bharati Meghalaya Jaintia Hills unit has conducted the 3 days residential training of Village Health Workers New Batch from 24th March 2007 to 26th March 2007 in Raliang Village of Jaintia Hills Meghalaya. 15 New Health Workers participated from 11 villages of the district. Dr. Wanki Lakiang, Dr. Devendra Sonawane has given the important information regarding the medical topics which are necessary for the Health Workers. Shri H.S. Dhar also delivered speech. Shri P. Kynjing, Shri M.L. Ktung & Shri Mangkashang Khongshei has also given lectures on various social topics. The training was concluded by distribution of Medical Boxes with the kind guidance and blessings of Shri C. Lyngdoh, the Dalloi of the Elaka Shangpung. Shri Shibun Lyngdoh the President of Seva Bharati Meghalaya was also present in the concluding function.

The Opening ceremony of Medical Box was held on 1st April 2007 in Biar Village. Villagers have actively participated in the meeting. Sm…