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Seva Bharathi Adopts 93 children from the lowest strata of the society on a poverty, talent and deprivation basis.

After a thorough talent hunt among the 2000 and odd children of mahaboobnagar the Volunteers of Seva Bharathi Western Andhra Pradesh have shortlisted and selected 93 children all childlabourers or if not given a chance to childhood would end up in Childlabour. The organisation till date has adopted 259 Children from Mahaboobnagar District alone. A district that has a million poverty victims turned into migrants. They migrate as far as Gujarat and Assam not only in the country but to Dubai and saudi Arabia in search of meagre earnings. The first victims would always be the Children the future of the country. So here we are trying to give childhood a chance.
This initiative now is picking up and more such talent hunt exams are driving children and their parrents to schools and towards seva Bharathi. The parrents have been thoughtful and looking back at their children, now the…