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Floods in Andhra
Sewa Bharathi volunteers are the first to reach villages and towns in Andhra, Sangh swayamsevaks knickerclad and marching to their duties were the first to take on the floods and natures fury. !0,000 food packets distributed on June 26th and continuous medical camps being set up across the state. Statistics are flowing in, but whats important is te moral support and the courage and counseling given by the volunteers to the victims. This time around atleast in Nandyal the Govt and political parties are competing to support the victims.
In Kurnool 3 slums have been supplied with drinking water and food packets by sewa bharathi volunteers, Elsewher the situation is grim and volunteers are fighting to bring situartion in control.

The Monsoon as they say in india brings several feelings a rainbow of them, some good, some bad. After all there are so many people so many feelings, some celebrate, some nostalgic, some depressed and some others are deprived. The Lovers, the poor, …