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Sewa Bharati helps child education

Scaling the new heights in the child labour rehabilitation programme, Sewa Bharati-run rehabilitation homes Sandipani Awasam at Mahaboobnagar and Madhav Awasam at Gollur in AP are proud of their children. Four children have been selected from the two homes for the bravery awards by the district administration headed by the District Collector.

Chennakeshawulu (14) belongs to village Makhtal. He used to steal in rails, jeeps, buses and was notorious for his small thefts. His parents had to move away to Gujarat and even there he was the same and they had to come back home to Makhtal, where his life took a turn after his interaction with Sewa Bharati volunteers. The child now stands first of 300 of his colleagues. Now the kid has won the award for his greatest transformation of his life. Similary, Padigae Parameshwar (14) belonging to village Ramapuram used to work as a cleaner in Tata Sumos, jeeps, hotels. People were scared of this kid who was known for his notoriety for beating anybody …