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Corporate social responsibility

I just recieved a mail from one of the friends and it is interesting and the CSR (corporate social responsibility) of Indian Corporations is and was already higher right from the begining and now they are reinventing them selves. BE it the Satyam or the Traditional but dynamic TATAs......

It would be wonderful making a career out of it and yet helping communities

To this day, the Tata Group remains devoted to good works: Charitable trusts own 66% of the shares in parent Tata Sons, and many of its companies fund grassroots anti-poverty projects that seem far removed from their core businesses. Ask the chairman to name the group's biggest challenges and he quickly cites two: "Talent, and retaining our value system as we get bigger and more diverse. We have to increase the management bandwidth, and with the same ethical standards." (complete piece on rediff) Visit

Wipro is an idea!
Wipro is an idea! An idea that economic progress and social development must go hand…