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Go from Village to village
do Good to the Humaniy
and to the world at large .....
-Swami Vivekanadha-

Krishnajothy Agarbathies
-A product from blind womens project-
[mail at for orders]

Our Projects MANAVA SEVA MADHAVA SEVA- with this motto Rashtreeya Swayam Sevak Sangh started its Seva Vibhag in 1989.It is heartening to note that several philanthropists are coming forward to help people in distress. With a beliefA LITTLE FOR SELF, EVERYTHING ELSE FOR SOCIETY, we are committed for up lifting the downtrodden and the disabled, reviving our rich heritage and bringing about a social and cultural transformation in our own lifestyle. Seva Vibhag is constantly expanding its activities,while ensuring the co-operation and participation of local people, so that the services are effective and benefits are long lasting. Ours is a humble begining .But we are confident that…