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Experiences of a Sewa International volunteer in India

Hectic is an understatement! Phew! 33 days....10 flights....6 states....endless adventures....1 unforgettable experience! To say my recent visit to India was hectic would be an understatement. I had gone to visit several service projects which are being run by Sewa International and its partner organisation Sewa Bharti. I began my trip in Bangalore and subsequently visited Gujarat, Delhi, Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu - North, South, East and West India!! Though it would take far too long to detail everything that happened during my journey, I will focus on a few experiences which still stand out in my mind.

Firstly, I was very fortunate to be able to go to the North-East region (Assam & Meghalaya) as this was a thoroughly unique experience and quite unlike anything I had ever come across in any other part of India. Visiting this area, one can get a sense of just how isolated it is. In one village which we visited (Mandipur) in Assam a local teacher, addressing a gathering of the vi…

The Joy of Teaching

The Joy of TeachingAugust 16, 2008
Teaching is a passion for me. It fills me with joy and feeling of self worth. My first formal teaching started when I was a Research Fellow, CSIR at Sabour. I had a notion that the teacher should communicate effectively, control class room and sound like an authority. I do not think so now. I feel a teacher should be sensitive to feelings, humane, focused on learners and open. My real test of teaching was at TirhutCollege of agriculture, Dholi. (An unit of RajendraAgriculturalUniversity, Pusa). I had joined My first formal appointment as assistant Professor of the sewing for two years.As I Look back at Life, I feel I was cut out to be teacher of social science. I took up Master’s in extension education because the subject seemed interesting like music. The more I involved myself the more it pulled me. However, I took up my first job in a NGO- Seva Bharati in West Bengal and Worked for three years organizing training. It was a combination of bield ext…