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Donate to the Bihar flood victims

In pictures: Bihar floods:: Pictures courtesy: BBC .. At least 55 people have died and some two million others have fled their homes after massive floods hit India's eastern state of Bihar, local officials say. The flooding began after the Kosi River - known as the River of Sorrow - breached its banks, sending huge waves of water through a channel it had previously abandoned. At least 90,000 people have been rescued, but many thousands remain stranded, officials say. Rescuers are using hundreds of boats to shift people to some 100 relief camps, amid fears that water-borne disease may be spreading. The central government has announced a $228m (£125m) relief package and some 125,000 tonnes of grain for those affected by the disaster. Officials say the flooding is the worst in 50 years to hit the region, and there are fears that the death toll will rise further. Please contr…

When govts fails, people keep hope afloat

When govts fails, people keep hope afloat By Manish Anand

Resilience is the word. This makes the people of Bihar a class apart. An unmeasurable human crisis is looking straight into the eyes of more than 2.5 million people in the state. But when the government fails to keep the promises, the people keep the hope afloat. This is the state of the affairs of the state facing the wrath of the turbulent river Kosi.

Nepal has reportedly acknowledged its laxity in keeping the Indian side posted with the state of the embankment on Kosi. This nation was too busy with the guerrilla Maoists just recently fighting the nation taking command of its government. It did not bother the implications of its criminal laxity.

People in Bihar are turning out quite large-hearted. Even the poor are contributing in their own manners for the relief of the affected. The gates of Dharamshalas have been thrown open at most of the places. The divide of the religion and caste has been breached, at least for the mome…

NGO donates ambulance to six-bed Bihdia PHC

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Correspondent GORESWAR, Aug 31 – An ambulance, donated by NGO Seva Bharati Purbanchal in the name of Bihdia six-bed PHC for serving the poor patients of the vast area of Patidarrang and Karara mouzas in Kamrup (R) district, was inaugurated by Monoranjan Seal, president of the NGO here at Belkona Chowk recently.On the occasion, a well attended meeting was held under the aegis of Bihdia Tajikona Block Mandal BJP committee with Jadav Deka, president of North Kamrup district BJP in the chair, while Nripen Deka, secretary of the ambulance committee, explained the purpose of the meeting.

Addressing the meet, Monoranjan Seal, president of Seva Bharati, Keshab Nanderjhar of Mizoram, Ulas Kulkarni, member, SB and Mukesh Sing Sinha, incharge, Medical Officer (Bank) spoke at length about the social activities that have been undertaken by the NGO since its inception.Chairperson Jadav Deka pointed out the medical problems faced by the poor patients of this vast …

Sewa raises $60,000 for Bihar flood relief

Sewa raises $60,000 for Bihar flood relief
Wednesday, 09.10.2008, 12:29am (GMT-7)

FREMONT: Bihar is currently experiencing devastating floods. The embankment along the Kosi River in northern Bihar has broken, drowning towns and numerous villages - many are reported dead or rendered homeless.Sewa International USA is working with various organizations such as Sewa Bharati to provide relief to victims of devastating flood in Bihar, India.

3,500 dedicated volunteers working round the clock rescuing, distributing relief materials, providing food and essential health care. From Aug. 19 itself, a main center was set up in Muzaffarpur to collect relief materials and distribute to seven sewa centers (camps) and twenty-one sub-centers.

These centers are providing immediate relief in form of food, medicines, clothes etc. Material is provided to needy by boat to remote places. Sewa Bharati schools in all seven districts are converted into relief centers to provide place for peop…

RSS wing raises toast to women

RSS wing raises toast to women RAJ KUMAR
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Seva Bharati members perform bhoomi poojan at Harmu in Ranchi on Sunday. Telegraph picture Ranchi, Sept. 7: The state capital will witness an influx of more than 20,000 women associated with about 1,200 self-help groups on September 14. They would come to the city to participate in a women empowerment programme— called “matri shakti sammelan”— which would be organised by Seva Bharti, an RSS volunteering unit that puts curb on religious conversion.The firebrand orator Sadhvi Rithambhara — who had played a major role in motivating people during BJP Ram Janmabhumi agitation — and RSS chief K.S. Sudarshan would offer lessons on the issues related to women in the state.The programme will be organised on September 14 at Harmu Housing Colony ground. A bhoomi pujan was organised today at the programme venue amid chanting of Vedic mantras and RSS workers were briefed about the programme in their regular camp — Sakh…