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IIT Kharagpur contributes to Bihar flood victims

Thats tremendous work by IIT Kharagpur. Their contributions can be seen on this page at:

The collections are being done by volunteers in all halls of residence. People interested in contributing kindly contact the concerned hall representative(s) listed here.

Total amount collected : more than 1.9 Lakhs
People still interested in contributing, please contact,
Team Sambhav
Phone no.: +91-9734426818
"Badh Rahat Sahayata Samiti (Pics)" (Headquarter: Saharsa, Bihar), a sister concern of Seva Bharati.

Know Seva Bharati:
Seva Bharati Schools in all 7 affected districts are converted into relief centers. (Bihar Flood 2008)
Seva Bharati joins hands with Seva International. (Bihar Flood 2008)
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