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33rd Years in the service of deprived: SVMA Kendram

New Website launched for Seva Bharathi

33rd anniversary of SVMA Kendram, Bommuru in east godavari dist., Purva Andhra pradesh
Friday, 09 January 2009 The 33rd anniversary of SVMA Kendram, Bommuru in east godavari dist., Purva Andhra pradesh was held on 03-01-2009 saturday on a grand scale. Sri K.S. Sudarsanji , sarsanghachalak of rss participated in the function as chief guest and inaugurated the 10 bedded medical ward.
Over 2000 well wishers of the kendram participated in the function and heard the speech of paramapoojaneeya sarsanghchalak with rapt attention. speaking eloquently he says " Our land is our Punya bhoomi and karmabhoomi and it is our fortune to take birth in this country and stressed that even angels wish to take birth in our land and attain Moksha thereby because attainment of Atma saakshatkara is possible in our land only.
The sages of our country used to explain the most difficult" Darsanas" of our sastras in simple parables so t…

Success stories of Projects run by Seva Bharati Meghalaya

Success stories of Projects run by Seva Bharati Meghalaya 1.    Charitable Mobile Medical Dispensary:  Seva Bharati Meghalaya is running two Mobile Medical Dispensaries in West
Khasi Hills & Jaintia Hills Districts of Meghalaya since 2001. The third
Mobile Medical Dispensary has been started in 2006 which is running in Garo
Hills. Under this project a team of 4-5 Karyakarta with doctor arranges medical
camp in remote villages of Meghalaya. The frequency of camps is 15 camps per
month. Total 140 villages get benefit of this project. Following table shows
the no of camps and no of patients benefited.
Jaintia Hills District
West Khasi Hills District
Total No. of Camps
Total No. of Patients
No. of Camps
No. of Patients
No. of Camps
No. of Patients

“Sewa Sangam”- a 3day gathering of 500 organizations

Source: Sewa International Delhi
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati, the apex body for many voluntary service organizations in Bharat, is organizing “Sewa Sangam”- a 3day gathering of officials of more than 500 organizations affiliated to it, from 3- 5th April 2009 in Bangalore. Presidents and Secretaries of all these organizations are expected to participate in gathering- the first of its kind being organized. The conference will have various sessions like effective implementation of programs, standard official practices, educational projects, health projects, women’s programs, children activity, etc apart from an elaborate exhibition on Sewa activities across the country. The display will be on panels as well as audio video presentations from all the states.This conference is an endeavour towards bringing various Sewa organizations together for exchange and understanding in serving the society.Local NGOs from Bangalore and Karnataka state are also being invited to spend an evening in the “Sewa S…

‘Outsiders’ find a home in Pune: My Home India

Source: Indian Express
Pune: Here’s something to take the sting out of Raj Thackeray’s anti-outsider campaign: an NGO run by Maharashtrians, My Home India, is the closest to home for students who come to Maharashtra from the Northeast.
Sunil Deodhar, who had worked in Meghalaya for eight years and is the founder of the 22 Sevabharati primary schools there, set up My Home India in Pune three years ago to help the 5,000-strong Northeast student community in the city. After he got back from Meghalaya, Deodhar realised that the rest of the country did not know much about the Northeast and decided to put his knowledge of the region to good use.
My Home India has centres in Pune, Mumbai and a few other cities in Maharashtra, which has a substantial population of Northeast students. “Every year, around 35,000 students from the Northeast leave their homes to pursue higher studies in cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore,” said Deodhar. “But when they go to other parts of the country, the…

Sewa Bharati aid for Bihar flood victims

Source: organiser
On December 16, Sewa Bharati inaugurated a mobile medical van in Saharasa to serve the flood victims of Bihar. A team of local doctors turned up for the inaugural ceremony and showed their willingness to volunteer in serving the flood victims. Due to the standing flood waters, many waterborne diseases are being reported. Therefore the van will visit daily to different affected areas of Saharsa, Madhepura, Araria, Supaul and Purnea. Sewa International has also plans to give a family kit comprising of utensils, cloths and day to day utility goods along with foodgrains in Madhepura district. Sewa Bharati has identified about 200 families from Chhoti Phatoria under Alam Nagar Block of Madhepura for rehabilitation. It also identified the artisan groups of the village like carpenter, tailor, potter, fishermen, barber, etc, to give them desired tools. The Sewa International has also decided to build a boys’ hostel at Bihariganj under Madhepura district. (FOC)