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My Wish by AMANDEEP (blogger)

SOURCE: Amandeeps's Blog 
Today I experienced a sense of complete peace and serenity through the eyes of a 17 months old girl, Swechchha -- my wish...
I entered the room in Matri Chhaya that was reserved for the older children, or "bade bachche" as they called them. These older children turned out to be babies in the age group of 7-12 months. With the exception of Swechchha who, at 17 months, sat amongst them feeding herself a pomegranate with the incredible expertise of a grown up. She looked at me, I smiled, she smiled back and instantly I knew a bond was formed!
Matri Chhaya is an institute of the Sewa Bharti trust and provides a home to homeless infants -- lost, disowned and orphaned babies. People leave babies in a cradle outisde the home, ring the bell and disappear, and they are welcomed in the Matri Chhaya family, looked after and are adopted by childless couples.
I visited this place today and met the babies. There were three rooms with cradles lined against the wal…