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Youth for Seva Experience the joy of sharing

Youth for Seva

Experience the joy of sharing When you see the children picking rags, sleeping on the streets, working instead of studying, newborn girl being abandoned by her parents and poor infrastructure as well as low educational standard in government schools, you must have felt “I wish I could do something?” There are some youth who wish to do something for these deprived people. But most of them do not involve in volunteering work because of three major reasons—not knowing where to start, the fear that it may be too much of responsibility and concern that it cannot be done with their limited time availability.

Youth for Seva” (YFS) is a platform that provides answer to all these questions. Formed in April 2007 to fill this gap so that youth with an intention to volunteer and with different time commitments can easily find meaningful opportunities to serve the deprived people. Youth for Seva is a project of Hindu Seva Pratishthan, a well-established voluntary organisation in Karna…

Vaidehi Kishori vikas yojana

Vaidehi Kishori vikas yojana