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Self-Help Groups by Sewa Bharati in Tamil Nadu An effective way of rural women empowerment

source: organiser
By Kesava Vinayagan
Self-Help Group (SHG) is a programme implemented in Tamil Nadu about 12 years back by Sewa Bharati. After a decade it has become a silent revolution of economic empowerment and socio-political system of the State. Since 1999, Sewa Bharati has been working in this micro credit delivery system, which has attracted the attention of the entire nation. To start with the scheme was introduced for women but now it is getting popularity among men too. Sewa Bharati alone is guiding more than 4,000 women SHGs and 400 men SHGs throughout the State.

The scheme
Shg is nothing but a small cooperative unit comprising of 20 or lesser number of people. They are organised in a group with a name and three office bearers who manage the group and maintain the accounts and bank operations. Each member is made to save money on a regular basis and the collected saving money is given as loan to the members at a nominal interest. The entire transaction is transparent and pr…

Sixth Dhanvantari Sewa Yatra treats over 7,700 patients in north-east

source: organiser
Sixth Dhanvantari Sewa Yatra, conducted by the Sewa Bharati Purbanchal, the National Medicos Organisation and the Sewa International in northeastern states of the country to provide the best medical treatment to the needy people of remote areas, completed on July 12. The yatra is being conducted for the last six years. This year the yatra began on July 5. During the yatra the doctors treated a total of 7,739 patients including 3,697 male, 4,242 female and 2,286 children. A total of 42 doctors including 24 from BHU, 16 from Guwahati Medical College and two from Meghalaya participated in the yatra. The yatra visited 144 villages and organised 50 medical camps. It covered seven districts of Assam, two districts of Arunachal Pradesh, two districts of Nagaland and five districts of Meghalaya. The concluding function was held on July 12 in the premises of Guwahati Medical College. The function was presided over by Dr Jwala Prasad Sharma, renowned doctor and social worker of…