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Prasanna Counselling Centre, Bengaluru Helping those in distress


By Pramod Kumar
It is a scientific fact that depression causes most of the diseases. It is found more among women than men. But instead of seeking medical advice, most of the people believe that mental disorders are due to the influence of evil spirits, which sometimes complicates the problem. The fact is that mental disorders develop due to chemical reactions in the brain and they all are curable. What is needed is right approach and proper guidance to the victims and their family members. 
It was with this objective that some workers in Bengaluru started helping the persons in distress about 30 years back under the banner of Prasanna Counselling Centre. Today, it is the most trusted counselling centre in Karnataka to which even the psychiatrists from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) and many other reputed doctors refer their patients for counselling and rehabilitation. The patients there are provided guidance by experts free of cost. About 40 t…