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Audio Book Reader to help visually-impaired URVASHI SARKAR

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Shirish Darwhekar of SAKSHAM, flanked by visually-impaired persons demonstrates the use of Audio Book Reader in New Delhi on Monday. Photo: V.V.Krishnan.

A pocket-sized Audio Book Reader (ABR) was launched here on Monday by Saksham, a Nagpur-based non-government organisation, to enable the visually impaired to pursue their studies with greater ease. The device has been in use since 2008 when it was launched in Nagpur. “The main feature of the ABR is that it reads audio files as opposed to other learning aids which read text files,” said Saksham special projects director, Shirish Darwhekar, at a press conference here on Monday. “The ABR, which can store up to 60 hours of audio, is designed to read audio files that can be randomly accessed. The device is a compact model with mobility and has embossed buttons and a voice menu that make for easy navigation. The buttons help the user to identify book ti…