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IT Milan volunteers Sewa Vibhag flood relief

Karnataka Foods: a request from Seva Bharati

A personal experience working with flood relief teams of sewa vibhag

Written in Marathi by mangesh Joshi 

Translated to English by
PrafulKumar Nikam
Consultant - BI
iTree Consulting Pvt Ltd.
Last Friday 11th Oct 2009 I got a chance to visit Rajoli a flood affected village in Andhra Pradesh. Seva Bharati an organisation under sangh parivar umbrella is working in flood relief work from day one of this tragedy. This happens to be my first visit to a calamity hit area and this gave me a chance to understand the work culture in the  RSS.  

One thing that struck me with glaring intensity was the chaos that surrounded the relief distribution in the flood affected areas. Many NGO were involved in the flood relief to help people but because of lack of proper planning and insufficient experience and cadre made it impossible for them to reach every affected person. whenever a relief vehicle reaches with relief items for flood affected people; theres' a crowd attacking the vehicle. It was impossible to control the crowds, the police person or any other volunteer…

Experience of an IT professional working with Seva bharathi / RSS in Flood relief

Reconstructed experience of Mr Deepanshu as written in bits and pieces as comments in his Picasa album:

On Sunday 11 Oct we visited this place Rajouli (Mahaboobnagar dist) to get more details of how RSS is operating for relief work. Believe me, no media coverage or photos would have given even a closer understanding of the devastation than this first hand visit..
We started at 5 am from hyderabad.

On the way to the relief camps run by seva bharathi /RSS
We found truck loads of relief materials by various agencies one of them was a corporate Astra Microwave products Ltd going for flood relief assistance. For the first time I was going to such kind of assistance and also for first time worked with Seva Bharathi / RSS. Their work system is very organized. They first surveyed and counted the affected number of houses in advance and mean time arranged the items and simulteniously got the tokens and cards printed. Today till 2.30 pm first 10 groups went to each area in Rajoli village and dist…

Sewa Vibhag RSS Karnataka Flood Relief Activities