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RSS Mangalore aims to build 200 houses

Source: TOI
TNN 10 October 2009, 10:10pm IST 
MANGALORE: Members of Mangalore division of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh will join the ongoing rehabilitation efforts in flood-ravaged districts
of North Karnataka. They will join the other RSS members and offer their services to build houses for people who have lost their shelter in the floods, said M B Puranik, Mangalore division president.

Some members are skilled carpenters, masons and plumbers who will work for free, Puranik told reporters here adding that RSS has responded to a plea from the state government to all concerned to join hands in the rehabilitation process. It is the aim of RSS members of the division to construct at least 200 houses in the villages that the government requests it to adopt, he said and added that each of these houses will be constructed at a cost of around Rs 65,000. each. "We will be saving on labour costs as our members are involved," he said.

There will be no compromise on quality, Puranik sai…

Sewa vibhag Final Report Flood relief operations Guntur Vibhag

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