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Studion N: Sewa Vibhag / RSS Flood relief 1

Studion N: Sewa Vibhag / RSS Flood relief

Sakshi TV Elaborates on RSS / Sewa Bharathi Flood relief efforts

Seva Bharathi services for Flood Victims: Sakshi TV

Sewa vibhag Flood relief activities in kurnool Dist

Climate rally: Step towards a carbon-free future (Seva bharathi)

Source: TOI
TNN 23 October 2009, 04:15am IST

KOLKATA: The Climate Action Group an alliance of organizations dealing with climate change and the environment will organize a rally on Saturday,
September 24 from Sahid Minar to Mohar Kunja. Participants will take a pledge for a carbon-free future.

"The carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere at present is 390 parts per million. The safe range is 350 ppm. If unchecked, emissions could grow to 600 ppm, condemning us to a world unfit to live in. Millions of people are already victims of climate change. Our weather and glaciers are at a risk. Failure to act will condemn human societies and ecosystems to unchecked global temperature rise and risk tipping points' in the climate system," said Asish Ghosh, convener of the group.

The Kolkata Cycling Club will also participate in the rally and has urged people to bring their bicycles along. "Lets show Kolkata and the world that the two most sustainable ways of transport are walking an…