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Monsoon delays rehabilitation work

Displaced yet to get their houses  DH News service, Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Karwar: Though the monsoon season has entered the district, it has failed to bring cheer among the displaced. Reason, the displaced are still waiting anxiously to enter their new houses, which the State Government had assured of completing the project much earlier.

It may be recalled that under of families residing at Zariwad in the taluk were rendered homeless after land slide during the moth of October, 2009. Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa who had visited the spot had assured to constructing new houses for the displaced at a higher and safer place. Though eight months have rolled down, the housing project is yet to be completed.

Now, gruel centres and relatives house are the only places where the displaced are residing.

During the initial stage, the State Government had identified three acre land at Bekkinkere to construct houses for the displaced.

Nearly, 50 houses would be built by the government in association w…


The AP, Karnataka floods of Oct 2009 have spread havoc and the villages affected have not been able to get up and stand again. Though there have been immense help that poured into these affected areas very little went into long term self sustaining. Seva Bharathi with support from SEWA International USA has taken up a Mobile dispensary and a community development center project. The villages have lost their basic infrastructure that is the immediate need. Lot of the men, women and children are suffering from infections and skin related ailments, apart from body pains due to water borne diseases. Seva Bharathi has been providing medical help and at the same time trying to educate and support a clean drinking water campaign. Most of the villages have lost their water supply mechanism as well as are being displaced to a safe place. The govt is to take a decision and until that is done the victims have to be content with temporary makeshift arrangements. On Behalf of Seva Bharathi we are p…