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Maxim Business School Celebrates Friendship Day with a difference Visits Sewa Bharti 'Matruchhaya'


Bhopal, 29th July 2010: Maxim Business School organized an event at Sewa Bharti to celebrate Friendship day with a difference, which is based on the joy and the 'spirit of sharing' amongst children right from a young age. The entire endeavor is to "Reach the Un-reached (the underprivileged children)" where Management students of Maxim Business School are imbibed with the thought of caring and sharing.

Mr. Shiv Pratap Rawal, Director, Maxim Business School stressed on the importance of this activity "Maxim Business School is perhaps the first Institute of its kind in Madhya Pradesh, has evolved in such a unique activity. We want to create positive & inclusive experiences for our students. We believe that a culture of giving and caring will create a more inclusive society in our country.”

For organizing an event at Sewa Bharti is to provide inspiration and encouragement to students to follow their dreams and reach their true pote…