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Swayamsevaks rescue flood victims in Haryana: Seva bharati

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08/08/2010 13:10:15

BRAVING the fury of floods in Haryana, the RSS volunteers penetrated into inaccessible and totally submerged areas to provide affected people with relief material in the form of drinking water, food packets, medicines, etc. and shifted them to relief camps to provide them temporary shelter till the flood water receded. Fired by humanitarian zeal, they spared no effort to provide them succour to restore normal life. Their role was laudable and commendable by all standards. Everybody has praised the dedication and devotion of the volunteers. The main centre of the relief remained Gita Rangam Sangh Karyala, Kurukshetra. The volunteers not only cooked food for the victims, but also visited different villages to collect essentials for the flood victims.

(Dr Ganesh Datt Vats )

Contribute to the Leh Flood victims : Seva Bharathi Sewa USA

Leh the capital of Ladakh was devastated by two cloud bursts followed by the unprecedented rains. Ladakh the second largest district after Kutch in Gujarat in terms of area is also known as land of high passes or broken moon. Surrounded by Kunlun mountain range in the North, Himalayas in the South, it is the sparsely populated regions of the Jammu & Kashmir State. Renowned for its remote mountain beauty and culture Ladakh has Tibet to the East, Lahul Spiti to its South, Jammu,Kashmir to its West and Kunlun region to its North. Leh also has the distinction of being one of the few remaining abodes of the Budhism in South .Himalayas create a rain shadow denying entry to monsoon clouds. The average rainfall being 90mm. It is with such geographic conditions that houses in Leh and other parts of Ladakh are mostly constructed of mud and mud bricks, which also helps them to maintain heat during the extreme winter months.

SEWA BHARTI, started relief activities at LEH from the early morning…

BJP MPs to donate Rs 10,000/- from their salaries to sewa bharati Leh relief fund

Source: the hindu The Hindu Monks conduct rescue operations at Choklansar on the outskirts of Leh on Tuesday. Photo: Nissar Ahmad Three French nationals, an Italian and a Spaniard were among 23 foreigners killed in cloudburst and flash floods that devastated Leh last Friday even as 73 injured people, including security personnel, were today flown out of the region by IAF for medical help.

The toll in the tragedy rose to 166 with 400 people still missing, official sources said.

Three French citizens — Augavelis Henri, Hellot Jacques and Daniel Hauri, an Italian identified as Riccardo Titton and Maromas Maria Lousdes from Spain have been declared dead, they said.

Sixteen of those killed are from Nepal, namely Nema Zangmo, Tsering Neklal, Bakta Bahadur, Kama Lama, Ajay Raina, Khunchok Gelak, Lakpa Gyalmo, Shekhar, Mahurdin Ansari, Manee Patel, Ramesh Patel, Narai Badur Sume, Santosh Kumar, Nel Badur, Saryanareyan Chaudhary and Anil Chaudhary, they said.

Two other victims were Tibetans. Th…