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Sewa Bharathi jammu Kashmir: Leh Cloudburst relief activity report

Images courtesy: VSK Jodhpur

Right through the night of the cloudburst till date swayamsevaks have been on the job. As Tarun Vijayjis article quotes the News reached the OTC camp at about 12:30 am midnight and in hours swayamsevaks reached the place. The Chogalmasar is the place where the ITBP battalions and their families are based most the jawans lost someone or the other from their family.

Swayamsevaks could get down and bring out carefully some of the diseased from under the mud.

6th Aug: 11 bodies brought out and survivors saved and reached them to safe places. The dist Hospital evacuated and the patients as well as medicines and material safely placed.

7th Aug: Chagalmasar has the RSS run Bharati Vidya mandir which has now been turned into a relief camp. Flood victims from in and around were provided food, water and medicines at the camp. The swayamsevaks ventured in to chest deep slush and mud to save people

9th Aug: A review and organising meet held at ladakh kalyan sangh offi…