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Support the India flood victims : Sewa bharati

Call it nature fury or just the global warming or even the extraordinary monsoons but the victims are not mere statistics. The numbers seem to be exponential in growth and the graph is still rising. First it was the flash floods in Leh that shook our conciousness and then now the Punjab, Haryana floods followed by Himachal, chattisgarh, Uttar pradesh and it seems it will never stop. News is that the Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal are the latest in the Victims bracket.

It doesn't stop here the Flood situation is no better in Assam, Arunachal pradesh too.

60 villages in Yamunanagar flooded, Punjab, Haryana hit badly September 09, 2010
Flood ravages Chhattisgarh''s Bastar region; five dead

Flood paralyzes North India, Delhi on alert:Thursday, September 9, 2010, 11:12 [IST] Flood red alert in Arunachal Pradesh 88,000 people evacuated in rain-hit Andhra PradeshDelhi on flood alert, Government says no danger to Games Village

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