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Sewa Bharati - daffodils in the face of bullets : Tarun Vijay

Source: TOI
In times of a petty political strife hogging headlines and the very concept of Indian under strain, a great number of dedicated souls are trying to help daffodils - symbolizing friendship - flower in their own way. Naturally, the media's award-winner sirens won't be interested in it. There are people who think they can bring about a change in society through bullets and take up guns killing innocent Indians. But there are many others who choose the placid path of silent devotion and service, helping daffodils of joy flower. They are there in every area of our land, comprising varied religious or spiritual, or even atheist, groups who consider people alone are their God. Here is one unknown chapter from that grand book of sharing the joy which genuinely makes the fibres that weave the Indian fabric beyond boundaries.

Ashok Kukde, a highly qualified medical practitioner, thought of providing the best medical facilities to the poor and disadvantaged in t…