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Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan - Brouchure

Registration No. Maharashtra 3457/92 Solapur ( Maharashtra State)
Imagine setting up a small shop with your life’s savings and being suddenly thrown into a police lock up on mere suspicion by civil society. The only option you would probably think of would be to vanish from the scene and lose everything. This is what happens routinely to our lesser fortunate brethren like Paradhis and other nomadic tribeswho have been branded for life as thieves and dacoits, in spite of their sterling contribution to our society, through out history, with their artisan and fighting skills. These are the most backward of the backward people, living a life of penury and fear that we members of ‘free’ society cannot even imagine. With their regular source of earning from forest produce becoming harder by the day and talents like singing, street plays, acrobatics etc. also dying a slow death; the only option is to educate them, imbibe their children with good values or ‘samskaras’ and train them for the new…