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Sevabharathi Erode on an Eye Donation SpreeSevabharathi’s Erode unit has been putting a lot of energy into its eye-donation Seva. And the results are naturally, highly visible In just August and September 2010, our Erode chapter has been able to convince and inspire three families to donate the eyes of their departed relative. That translates into life-long vision for six corneally blind patients.
“Motivating the kith and kin of a departed person is the key factor in making eye donation a reality. The motivator should have the conviction to take up this highly sentimental effort” reads a testimonial we received from Sankara Eye Centre run by Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust at Coimbatore, who were the recepients of one of those three pairs of eyes that Sevabharatih facilitated.
We thank and salute all the family members of Smt. Lakshmi Devi, Sri. Srichand S. Parwani and Sri. A. Muthusamy of Erode district for their invaluable contribution.
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