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Sewa vibhag - Sangh owns one of the fastest growing education projects: Tehelka

Source: Samvada and Tehelka Tehelka in its new issue has come up with a report which refers Sangh, as owning one of the fastest growing education projects, that too in the Maoist affected regions.
The report also claims that, Sewa activities of  Sangh Parivar has ousted the Christian missionaries decades old dominance in the field of education. The report also credits Sangh for reaching out to adivasis in Odisha, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Northeastern states.
It adores the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation  as the most successful of all projects that runs 34,343 schools which, collectively, have 9,62,485 students. The report says, “A quick search on the Internet reveals the presence of the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation in places like Portland (Michigan) and Baltimore in the United States”.
The report puts the the VHP’s Sewa Trust of having 3,266 educational projects spread across the country. Out of this, nearly 1,050 Bal Sanskar Kendras reach out to children in the age group of three to seven. A…

Yamgarwadi has become a piligrimage of social reform: Mohanji Bhagwat

Inauguration of modern school building at Yamgarwadi  On 14th Feb 2011 the Sarsanghchalak of RSS inaugurated a modern school building complex for the Nomadic Tribe Pardhis. Susajja vidyasankul with a modern campus of 38 acres would now be a home for Pardhi aspirants will be a light and hope from the darkness surrounding them. The BHATKE VIMUKH VIKAS PARISHAD has been working in and around YAMGARWADI Osmanabad dist, Maharashtra for decades and now has forced the administration repeal the Stamp of CRIMINAL TRIBE on the PARDHI which has been branded so even before their children are born. Dr Mohan Bhagwat reiterated the need for change and more work in such areas where our berthern are being subjucted to inhuman discriminations. The society needs to take care of all its subjects and Sangh parivar would stand in the front for doing so.  He lauded the initiative as a watershed development and novel initiative, which has brought the Pradhis into national mainstream, and at a ti…

Sewa bharati: Dhanvantri seva yatra - Free medical camp in the North east / purvanchal

Source: sentinnel assam GUWAHATI, April 19: The Dhanvantri Seva Yatra, organized by the Seva Bharati, Purvanchal, started yesterday and will continue till April 24. As part of this Seva Yatra, free medical camps will be held in remote areas of Kamrup and other parts of the State. Free medicines will be given to the people who attend the medical camps. Many specialist doctors from different parts of the country will be taking part in this Seva Yatra, which will also be held in other States of the Northeast as well. This was stated in a press release.

SEWA BHARATI AP : Blood donation camp in Hyderabad

Source: YUVA

Nameste All...

                As we said in previous post we organised Blood Donation Camp last sunday (13 March 2011) on behalf of SEVA BARATHI (RSS-CHAITANYAPURI SEVA VIBHAG) and it was inagurated by Sri G.S.R Naidu garu (New Maruthinagar (East) Coloney President) and inspired by Sri Shanmukha Swamy Garu (Chief of NIMS Blood Bank) 10.30 AM to 4.00PM, all our team members worked well and donated blood even, about 67 members donated blood which can be considered as good success within a short span of time, Thanks to one and all who worked for this event and made it successful, I wish this should continue all the time and for this we need your support.We have many plans which we can discuss in our comming meets.

Donate Blood and Become a Life saver.
Our Team decided to organize blood donation camp on behalf of Seva Barathi (Rastriya Swyamsevak Sangha) on 13th March 2011 (Sunday) from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM, people who are interested to participate (Donate blood or…

Havan' organised in Kangra on Anna Hazare's movement victory : sewa bharati

Source:web india 123 Kangra | Saturday, Apr 9 2011 IST Local residents on the call of Trigarth press club here today organized a 'Havan' at Nehru Chowk in the town in support of Anna Hazare's Anti Corruption movement and its victory. The 'havana' was held at the Nehru Chowk amid vedic hymns and large number of people attended the 'purna aahuti. Narender Trehan, General Secretary of Sewa Bharti, Ashok Verma a Union leader of Medical representatives and Sandeep Ohri Vice President of Trigarth press club addressed the gathering. They described the current developments, a victory of democracy in the country and added that it was beginning of a new era to save the nation from the corrupt people. They said Central Government had to succumb because truth was with Anna Hazare who led the movement. The people present raised slogans in favour of the country, against corruption and the corrupt. Later on, sweets were distributed among the people to celebrate the victory of tr…

A truly SELF HELP (GROUP) in Tamil Nadu

Organised effort strengthens the society. It has always been a difficult task to organise women of the society but the Self Help Group (SHG) scheme taken up by Seva Bharati, Tamilnadu, in Kanyakumari district has made this dream come true. In a remote Vanvasi ("tribal") village called Kodithuraimalai, the women members of Seva Bharati's SHG there resolved to execute a noble idea. After every weekly meet, all the members gathered to work in the farm of one member of the SHG without any payment. The owner of the land offered them lunch and evening tea. The next week the same activity happened in the farm of another member. This rotation of work is carried out in the farm of all the members in a regular turn. The resultant yield of self-reliance is promising both materialistically and socially. From a report by Shri Kesava Vinayagan (now Prant Prachark of RSS, Dakshin Tamilnadu), in ORGANISER, September 6, 2009
Self-Help Groups by Sewa Bharati in Tamil NaduAn effective way o…

Sewa bharati: Dy SP donates sports material to DISHA

Source: State times
April 5 2011
KATRA : Deputy Superintendent of Police Katra, P.N Koul on the occasion of Ist Navratra donated sports material to the inmates of Hostel DISHA run by Sewa Bharti at Kadwal, Katra. The sports material includes volleyballs, footballs, cricket kit and other items. He wished the students of this hostel to shine in the sports and bring laurels to the holy town of Katra.

Sewa bharati Mangalore: Jaws Software Prog Commissioned at Roman & Catherine Lobo School

Source: onlysoftware The software, Jaws Software Programme was commissioned at the Roman & Catherine Lobo School for the Blind, Kotekani Road, Urva Chilimbi on Wednesday March 30. The salient features of the software are its “universal text to speech” conversion abilities, facilitating computer interaction for children who are deprived of the gift of sight. Their teacher can be one of them too.
“Guiding Stars” a treasure hunt for the Visually Challenged, the vision of chairperson Cr Preethi Pinto and chairman Tr Arjun Pinto was a unique event held for the first time in Mangalore on November 14 last.
The treasure hunt was sponsored by entrepreneurs and the business community of Dakshina Kannada who were participants too. The proceeds from the event have been used to purchase the software for the Roman & Catherine Lobo School for the Blind and will help 20 visually challenged students.
Mangalore Ladies Circle 82 and Mangalore Coastal Round Table 190 have a mission – “Freedom Through…