Jan Kalyan trust Guwahati : self reliance n self respect

Courtesy: Prashant Mahamuni
Jana Kalyan Trust is a registered trust formed for the welfare of the needy and poor people of North East. Presently we are running two Driving Training School, in Guwahati and Tezpur, Assam and two Sewing Training School in Guwahati, Agia Assam. Both of our projects running smoothly and proved effective tool in the economic development of needy and poor people. 

Jana Kalyan Trust is running a Sewing Training School at Lal Ganesh, Guwahati since August 2010. Majority of the trainees are female. During the last 14 months 68 (3 belongs to ST) trainees admitted, Females with low education and low income group availing a facility to learn a skill of sewing cloths through this project. 

We are getting ` 250/- per month per trainee as course fees, which is very reasonable as compared to other private sewing training schools in Guwahati. After completing a course of 3 months trainee can earn enough money using their skill. There is lack of educational facilities in remote rural areas, youth are having low education, so they could not get an employment. They need some technical skills which can give them opportunities to earn their own livelihood. We have started a Residential Driving Training School at Guwahati in Sept 2010, which is running smoothly. 

Till now more than 250 persons have been trained. which is useful them for earning their own livelihood. No residential facility is available in any driving school in towns where they can stay and take training of technical skills like Driving etc. To remove this critical hurdle we have tried to provide residential facility for our trainees at a minimum cost which is ` 2100/- for 15 days training course. (Driving Training Fee `1500/- + Food & lodging for 15 days ` 600/-) Driving training and practice is given twice a day(morning and evening) 15 days are sufficient to learn smooth driving. We had an initial investment of ` 1,00,000/- to setup the project.  We managed the recurring expenses by the fees amount collected from trainees. We are trying to spread our activities in other part of North East.


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