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Sewabharathi: Vyaktitiva Vikas Shibir for Abhisika Students

5th December 2010
Sevabharathi-Secunderabad Vibhag conducted  a two and half hour interactive session on personality development for class X students (both boys & girls) studying in  Abhyasikas (study centers for boys) and  Kishori Vikas Kendras (study centers for girls) in and around Secunderabad,  at Hindu Public school, Sanatnagar on December 5, 2010. At present 16 Abhyasikas and 17 Kishori Vikas Kendras are running in Secunderabad Vibhag.  A total strength of 150 participated in this programme.
The main intention of the programme is to enrich the inclination of students towards education and to build their personality. This emphasises on how to overcome the general weaknesses and misconception of pupils towards learning the subjects. In a nutshell, session covers all the mistakes committed while studying and also enhances the ones self confidence levels to set the targets and to reach them efficiently and with elegance.