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Sewa Bharati - Shishu Vatika :An initiative to help the working women

Source: Organiser By Sangita Sachdev SHISHU Vatika is one of the special projects of Sewa Bharati Delhi, where children of the women working as maid servant, labourer or factory worker, come for six hours every day. Started on August 13, 2008 the project is presently run in the premises of Matrichhaya Miyanwali Nagar. A total of 25 children come here everyday. The Shishu Vatika begins at 8.30 am and concludes at 2.00 pm. The children are entertained with different activities like prayer, Gayatri Mantra, Shanti Paath, yoga, patriotic songs, etc. They are also imparted the education up to primary level.

Apart from formal education, the children are inculcated some good habits like paying respect to elders, cleanliness, etc. The children are allowed to watch television also for half an hour daily.

Rubina, the mother of Afsana, works as domestic servant. Before admitting Afsana in the Shishu Vatika, she had to take this small girl with her every day. But she thought if she di…