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SEWA BHARATI Abhyasika students perform BHARAT MATA POOJA

250 students from the slums attending the ABHYASIKA or tution / coaching center celebrated Bharat Maata Diwas on 26th Jan 2011. As part of the republic day celebrations they paid respects to the Mother INDIA / BHARAT and performed cultural and patriotic activities. 
As a part of Abhyasika programme, BHARAT MATA POOJA DIVASwas planned to inculcate respect and patriotism among students towards our nation BHARAT. Accordingly, on the occasion of Republic Day i.e.26/01/2011, Bharat Mata pooja was celebrated at the following Abhyasika Kendras.
1.Bagamiri, Kukatpalli 2.Moosapet 3.Bowarampet 4.Prakasam Pantulu Nagar 5.Nutankal 6.Bolaram 7.Parvatapur 8.Kurmanagar Colony 9.Upparguda 10.Keesara
A total number of   250 students participated in the programme.