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AAWAAZDO: We can together make a difference --- SEWABHARATI

Sewabharathi has been working for children and child rights ever since the founding of the organisation. UNICEF has a campaign AWAAZDO and its a wonderful effort to replicate.

Recently I came across a startling fact that 8 million children in our country are denied their basic right to education. With the Right to Education Act making education free and compulsory, we must now join hands to help these children exercise this right.

UNICEF has started a movement Awaaz Do that provides us a platform to ensure that no child in this country is denied his/her basic right to education. I have joined this movement and I urge you to pledge your support to the cause.

To join the cause,
SMS AWAAZDO to 53030 or log on to

Together we can make a difference. So let’s get started.

Awaaz do!