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Sewa bharati: Urgent Appeal to support Earthquake-Tsunami Victims in Japan

A disastrous earthquake of 8.9 magnitude struck Northern Japan on Friday March 11, leaving thousands of people dead and wounded, and, razing major infrastructure including many neighborhoods, and towns. Two nuclear plants are damaged causing concern to local residents. One of the largest ever recorded, this earthquake set off a powerful tsunami that hit the coasts causing giant whirlpools compounding the destruction. Rich or poor, any nation undergoing such magnitude of destruction needs relief. Sewa is in discussions with a Japanese NGO and also with a US based Indian Physician Medical team that is in the process of finalizing a mission to Japan as beneficiaries of our donors’ largesse. Many of us have seen this destruction on TV and find this horrifying. In this hour of need let us join hands and show our solidarity with our Japanese sisters and brothers.

Sewa International is soliciting your tax-deductible contribution for the support of these victims. Your support wi…


Source: Nimmondige Nannu

Seva Bharathi is a Non Government Organisation working for the betterment of students. Yesterday, the Organisation observed its 25th anniversary. The seer of Suttur mutt had graced the occasion to bless those students and their parents. I was part of the celebration too as a member of the audience as I also have been associated with the Organisation since its inception although on a smaller scale.
In its 25 years of existence Seva bharathi has offered guidance to over 20000 students of SSLC, PUC and various degrees belonging to many government, corporation run, aided, unaided educational Institutions. Over 60 teachers and lecturers have lent their helping hand to the Organisation in offering guidance to the students.
You might ask me what is so special about it. I will tell you how it stands apart... The teachers who guide students have been doing this benevolent service for all these years without expecting anything from the Organisation. And th…