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Sewa bharati Mangalore: Jaws Software Prog Commissioned at Roman & Catherine Lobo School

Source: onlysoftware The software, Jaws Software Programme was commissioned at the Roman & Catherine Lobo School for the Blind, Kotekani Road, Urva Chilimbi on Wednesday March 30. The salient features of the software are its “universal text to speech” conversion abilities, facilitating computer interaction for children who are deprived of the gift of sight. Their teacher can be one of them too.
“Guiding Stars” a treasure hunt for the Visually Challenged, the vision of chairperson Cr Preethi Pinto and chairman Tr Arjun Pinto was a unique event held for the first time in Mangalore on November 14 last.
The treasure hunt was sponsored by entrepreneurs and the business community of Dakshina Kannada who were participants too. The proceeds from the event have been used to purchase the software for the Roman & Catherine Lobo School for the Blind and will help 20 visually challenged students.
Mangalore Ladies Circle 82 and Mangalore Coastal Round Table 190 have a mission – “Freedom Through…