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Yamgarwadi has become a piligrimage of social reform: Mohanji Bhagwat

Inauguration of modern school building at Yamgarwadi  On 14th Feb 2011 the Sarsanghchalak of RSS inaugurated a modern school building complex for the Nomadic Tribe Pardhis. Susajja vidyasankul with a modern campus of 38 acres would now be a home for Pardhi aspirants will be a light and hope from the darkness surrounding them. The BHATKE VIMUKH VIKAS PARISHAD has been working in and around YAMGARWADI Osmanabad dist, Maharashtra for decades and now has forced the administration repeal the Stamp of CRIMINAL TRIBE on the PARDHI which has been branded so even before their children are born. Dr Mohan Bhagwat reiterated the need for change and more work in such areas where our berthern are being subjucted to inhuman discriminations. The society needs to take care of all its subjects and Sangh parivar would stand in the front for doing so.  He lauded the initiative as a watershed development and novel initiative, which has brought the Pradhis into national mainstream, and at a ti…