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Sewa Bharati Urban Health centre in Bhopal

Source: UHRC
Symposium on ‘Urban Health and Demography’ in the Conference on
‘Contemporary Issues in Population and Health’
Program Approaches to Improve Health of Urban Poor in Bhopal: Dr B.S Ohri, Chief Health and Medical Officer Bhopal
He then gave an update on various approaches being implemented to improve health service delivery for the urban poor. Coordination committees are working to develop linkages among various stakeholders including health department, urban development department, ICDS, municipal bodies, NGOs, community based organisations (CBOs) and private providers for building up synergy in several activities that improves the quality of services. A mobile gynaecological clinic is operational in partnership with private doctors on contractual basis. They provide regular ANC check-up, Hb and urine test, TT and IFA distribution through 20 camps at 10 locations in a month. Around 20 private nursing homes have been accredited for extending services under Janani Su…