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Five Families from Kadwad Shifted After Landslide to Seva bharathi built houses

Source: Sohail
Karwar: Following a landslide that caused part of a hillock to collapse at Bolewada near Kadwad, 5 Km from here, five families living beneath the hillock were shifted to a safer place on Monday.

The landslide on Monday took place near a house owned by Sadashiv Mahadev Bongale. However, there was no damage to the house in the incident.

The landslide made people worried in the region as 19 people were killed in a landslide at Zariwada in the same locality on October 2, 2009.

Deputy Commissioner, B N Krishnaiah, visited the spot along with other officials and arranged the shift. He said other families living near the hillock would also be shifted, adding that the hillock, which had been rendered barren with large scale tree-filling and extraction of red clay, has become too fragile. Therefore, it is dangerous to live near it. He also instructed to deploy a home guard personnel at Kadwad as there was possibility of landslide in Kadwad hilly region.

The DC instructe…