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SATURDAY VISIT TO GOPAL DHAM (Sewa bharati): Home for Militancy orphaned, destituted children

Source: मेरे अंतर्मन की यात्रा
On Saturday, I went to a child home (or precisely boys home who don’t have their parents to look after them) named as Gopal Dham. It is situated on Bhopura – Loni Road in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Actually I went there to do some for needy so I was carrying some packets of biscuits and donated amount for one time meal for children. Total 90 boys were there from atleast 15 different states of India. Jammu & Kashmir was at number one because 33 boys came from there. They were victim of terrorist attacks and lost their parents. Indian army picked them handed over to Gopal Dham. These boys were of all age group starting from 5 years to 17 years. They study in public school. An electrician and musicians visit there to teach boys to be stand on their own feet.

I came to know that there is no Government aid for this noble cause as this Gopal Dham run by Sewa Bharti (a member organisation of Sangh Pariwar). It manages all the funding…


Source: Gopal Dham Gopaldham is a residential project for the orphan destitude and millitancy affected children from different part of provide free education and homely environment accommadation for is located at nearby panchsheel colony,boupura,loni road,gaziabad disrict.(up). Project is run under the aegis of sewa bharti delhi a social ngo for the welfare of society. Currently there are 102 children various 16 states of india. Children are imparted with quality education by sending them in reputed school like vivekananda saraswati vidya mandir.they are also given cocurricullum activities like music class,dance class,yoga class,electric training class and many other class for the allround development of the children. Project was established on 2004 with 5 orphan sibling of local area where gopaldham is located.

Sewa Bharti, Delhi: Supporting poor girls

Source: Vedic Asha Trust

Marriage of 16 poor girls was organized by Sewa Bharti, Delhi. Vedic Asha Trust supported the marriage of poor girls. The function was organized at a Auditorium in East Delhi. Nitin Gupta attended this function.

All the Hindu rituals were followed during the marriage ceremony. The function was attended by about 2000 people. At the end of the marriage ceremony all the brides went to the house of their in-laws.
Marriage Ceremony was organized on 10th April, 2011